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by jimmydabomb
Single-panel jokes featuring box-headed guys with one eye. It's absurd. It's fun. It's updated regularly. :D

All the cool people are reading it. They told me so.

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4 Years Ago
Single-panel jokes featuring box-headed guys with one eye. It's absurd. It's fun. It's updated regularly. :D

All the cool people are reading it. They told me so.

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Recent Comments

October 31st, 2015
That is why we have sharpies. Pick the face that close resembles how you feel and modify.
If you are lucky kid, if your childhood is infact over, that bag might have porn or booze in it.
Notable Mentions...
Today I feel...
...honestly scared about tomorrow.
...exceptionally alone and afraid.
...stuck in a dead-in job and pondering my inevitible death. every day should be Taco Tuesday.
I like not going anywhere. I like not dressing like an adult. I like having coffee. Life is best when life is simple. Right?

October 10th, 2015
Quickshots will probably update every Friday until I run out of comics.

This is the last comic I have to share right now. If I don't make more. This may be the last until we go on another 3-year hiatus.

Fingers are crossed.
This is a new version of an old comic that I found in my notebooks. My art style has changed significantly in the last few years.
October 10th, 2015
I've been working on a novel that's about 90 thousand words long. I've now gone through with pen and commented on about 60 thousand of them.

I can't imagine that I'll like the next 30k.

I think it's actually some kind of hell where before you can be a successful writer, you have to come to terms with how completely you're failing to actually be a writer.

But that's just a theory.
September 28th, 2015
I finally realized in the past three years what was missing in my life. Dutch crust french bread.
September 27th, 2015
Okay, 3 year hiatus.

Does this mean that I can't claim to be back until 3 years have passed?

I have no idea.

We changed hosts and I lost the ability to meaningfully make use of the website, so for now, I'm pointing everything to my fancy facebook page at

If you're the type of person to like things, you might like me there.

If it turns out that Quickshots really is back, I will be looking into a more permanent home. SmackJeeves sorta feels like an old school or job that I used to be at. Not the home it once was.

Anyway, enjoy!
Asdfdgh this one is so cute ; - ;
Heh heh ha XD
I love this one! Has to be my favourite so far ^^
I like how mad he looks. It's almost as if a dozen such couples have come in that night, and he's just sick of it.
I hate drawing clowns.
March 20th, 2012
This comic actually reminds me a lot of my first quickshots. The joke is not that complicated, but I giggle every time.

And yes, the entire point of this comic is making me giggle. My giggle is charming, damnit.
Arrow in the knee
I like commenting on memes long after they've hit their popularity peak. I have no idea why. My lolcats comic came out years after lolcats were a thing. The same is true for my firefly comic.

And now you get a skyrim comic.


... Man that's a great game.
Oh hey,
Did you know that QS is viewable on Android phones as well as Iphones? It looks awesome, too. Very easy to read.

After seeing it in action, I renewed my premium subscription on the spot. It's just that sweet.
I've gotten rusty in my shading skills, but also I've gotten far less demanding of perfection. I've never, ever made any money off of these, why should I stress about making them?

It's madness, I tell ya, madness.