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A comic about nothing in particular spanning from political opinion to random observations about insignificant things.
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A comic about nothing in particular spanning from political opinion to random observations about insignificant things.

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@Xanatos: he already shot it
and same thing w/ "sperm bag" & dads
specify what talent you want, i tried that once, now im good at ripping huge belches out of nowhere. im a girl, so i get raged on for it
don't forget about TedEd's homosexual necrophiliac ducks! one mallard saw the other die, and necrophilia ensued.

Anyway, an AstroTurd garden would be interesting, it'd be hard to pick up the dog doo...
a couple people came to school in Ghillie suits for camo day
or you could do it Kill Bill style! im not gonna say what that means
im like your sister on period, but like you all the time (at home)
is the one on the left kaxenvamp?
they get someone to watch them then mind read them
and a lot of them supplemented their pay by leading their charges into alleys and abandoning them for hitmen who shared the findings w/ the linkboys
recycle the bullets
holy crap, i read this comic and a second later i hear "they're gonna rip it off" (it's a line in Seven Nation Army [playing at the time])
February 28th, 2013
Fun story, my father wanted to name me Mastodon. No, seriously. Mastodon. Qouth my father: "Who would beat up a kid named 'Mastodon'?" (To which I, and everyone else reply that EVERYONE would beat up a kid named Mastodon. Thank the gods I was a girl.)
Chaos Master
February 27th, 2013
Dictator Kax's briliance knows no bounds!
February 27th, 2013
Excellent plan....I love her expression in the last panel
February 25th, 2013
I assume Dictator Kax’s government-sponsored petition site gets hacked or everyone starts filling in names like Jaques Strap, Al Killeu, and I.P. Freely to be obfuscating because Dictator Kax is far too paranoid to not investigate everything anyway…

I mean, there’s plenty of kids out there with horrendous how-do-they-not-get-bullied names, so HOW DO YOU KNOW?!
His... body... It's like water...
@kaxen: Hey! good to see you back.

Dictatorship is not an easy task, elder people should cooperate. =>
January 25th, 2013
Or you can cut out the middleman...
January 25th, 2013
Maybe it's just me, but I feel like a lot of vampire fiction is written by people who don't seem to realize that blood as food is a socially acceptable thing in some cultures. And a freaking butcher has a shitton of blood. ((though I guess if a vampire is broke, it doesn't matter))

You don't understand how much I hate vampires who angst about bloodlust when they can eat animal blood. A case can be made for everything sucking for a vampire that can only eat human blood or only straight out of live things. I can see how troublesome eating only human blood is since humans are a bit loathe to give up their blood, but animal blood? NOT THAT HARD TO ACQUIRE SINCE PEOPLE EAT MEAT.

And many vampires are Christian, and at least some Christian sects don't care too terribly about eating animal blood. I know it's against halal and kosher stuff so I guess it's more troublesome for Jews and Muslims, but I genuinely can't remember the last time I've seen a Jewish or Muslim vampire. I can think of like... a Jewish werewolf and then I'm stuck.

Though now I want to write a story about a vampire who works as a cook at a lord's manor and keeps buying animal blood on his boss's tab.