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Set in Command & Conquer Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge.

Boris, Tanya and Yuri Prime in varying kinds of happenings

Command and Conquer is owned by Westwood Studios, an Electronic Arts Brand
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11 Years Ago
Set in Command & Conquer Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge.

Boris, Tanya and Yuri Prime in varying kinds of happenings

Command and Conquer is owned by Westwood Studios, an Electronic Arts Brand

Recent Comments

I just read your biography about the history of your name...hilarious.

And I like gaming humor. =D
The sheer win of that conversation is astounding. want to use it?
Pleas use it1 Use it....! Use anything you want! I want to do something for BTY !:D
Hi Cadavera - Yes, Bread has shown me your fine work already. Very nice work indeed! :D
lol, BTY will be in it, but not what it was. there might be a few surprises, i wouldn't know though, I haven't finished WRITING the damn thing yet lol....someone kick me.
And whut's up with our old friends? B, T,Y? Will they be also present all time in the plot?
August 29th, 2008
Good see you together again...working on new stuff :)
I like the idea of Quagmire as Romanov...
Anyway Rob! Here is liknk to the folder with BTY banners..I talk with Bread about it:)
...I'm glad to see the madness carries on when I am not around lol

to see what we're talking about, go here lol:
August 29th, 2008
We're standing in it lol
Made me more famous than I wanted
August 29th, 2008
Hey, there's an empty space where my car is supposed to be parked!!!
August 27th, 2008
Yup, it's true - I am only pointing because he is lol

There we are, BTY MasterMinds, no relation to the game unit, not really Master Minds at all, but there we are none the less lol.

Yuri made me do it lol
August 27th, 2008
Well what do you know lol. yeah, We're still here. and we've just seen each other face to face for the first time in over year lol
Following the intense bridge-battle, Rob discards the conscript outfit for a psi-commando uniform and goes to work on the story-arc alone. Evan, seeking revenge for losing the bet, borrows a Navy SEAL kit and goes hunting.

Needless to say, I expect Rob and Dan will make a retaliation-comic where he gets me cornered, controlled, and thrown to dogs or a grinder. Or worse, slavery...
The last of Evan's 2 parter lol.

Evan!! I know I made this for you, but you got the shots and know the story! lol
My Comic =D
I could give you two different versions:
A short plot to relate to the comics, or a long one.

Here's the short:
Bread is standing away from the battle in a Conscript uniform, Rob is betting Me the five bucks about the bridge. And I've gone deaf over the tank and rocket fire.

Long version:
A group of Soviets under the control of Yuri (Rob) were set up for a practise battle against more soviets. Eventually, the battle became more aggressive as live ammunition was put into play and the soviets under Robs command began to follow a clone rather than one of the originals.

Rob and Bread disguise themselves as Conscripts and stand at the rear of the battle from the normal Soviet's side of the river, watching the two armies destroy themselves. Bread stands a short distance away to keep an eye on the sub's; good targets for Tanya.
Rob and I are beside the army, Rob making a bet while I can barely hear.

Eventually, the bridge gives way in 68 seconds (1:08). Rob calls for the 5 bucks and I don't have any on me, so I tell him, disgruntledly, that I owe him it. I'm also bloody pissed off about it too.

Next comic might be my other guest comic; a sequel to this one in a way.
(5 bucks was never really bet, it was simply created for the storyline)
Evan! need your info for this! lol
Yes, Bread has come up with a very intresting plot rather than us doing random stuff all the time lol.

Promise of C4, Clones, Kirovs and god knows what else in the return of BTY!