1810 England, the height of the Napoleonic wars. It was thought that humans walked the path of enlightenment leaving monsters and dark things behind. However, those monsters and night stalkers merely hide in the darkness, as a young maid, Bernadette, soon finds out.

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Good news for her
Gasp! A lead! Guan Yu is the name of a historical figure in China who was deified. During the Qing dynasty, the Shunzhi Emperor gave Guan Yu the title of "Guan, the Loyal and Righteous God of War, the Holy Great Deity". There are a lot of stories about him and a lot of shrines to him.
@Zorrieku: Happy to hear you enjoy it.
February 18th, 2017
I'm so glad I found this comic after all this time and I am caught up now ^^
Good to test while idle
Have to make sure everything is in working order, powers and everything.
Flattery will get you snide remarks
Just casual conversation.
She's trying
It'll be interesting to see Angela interact with someone of similar wit. I can tell she and Comte are going to be an entertaining pair.
Bernadette wants none of that.
Study Buddy
Young man, don't be flustered by your lack of knowledge. Find someone more knowledgeable and learn from them. If the lady won't help, only mock, then try the maid.
If this was in color, I imagine his face would be quite red.
The Comte ships them.
Pft, not.
There you go, go have fun. Probably been quite awhile since you have had fun
Why, Nintendo? Why do you do this to me? I don't want another console, but the Switch and advertised games makes me want it. Well played, Nintendo, well played.
Drink up Bernadette
While I agree with Bern that drunkenness gets pretty disgusting, and I have a lot of respect for people--real or fictional--who opt not to drink, I'll admit I'm perversely curious to see what Bernadette is like when she's snookered.
"Oh my child! Should you drink
Of the wine, when 'tis red,
Be prepared for a fate worse than death."
Have another glass miss Bernadette. It will help you relax. Are you flushed? Let's loosen those clothes a bit.
There exist many reasons to drink: to enjoy company, to escape reality, to celebrate and to mourn. Bernadette has all the reasons.