1810 England, the height of the Napoleonic wars. It was thought that humans walked the path of enlightenment leaving monsters and dark things behind. However, those monsters and night stalkers merely hide in the darkness, as a young maid, Bernadette, soon finds out.

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And now, a piano solo by Ludwig Van Beethoven.
@man in black: thank you mib and what do you think may happen.
Here here
I don't think our friends should be getting comfy I think they should be getting out of town fast not just because of Alistair but I don't think the bishop is dead well not dead dead who knows what else that vas thing he used on Angela can do
Now now. Enough with the accusations, let’s get to the music.
@man in black: Allegedly used as bait. Innocent until proven guilty! Etc.
Yes quite. And Angela doesn't seem amused at being bait
The Comte is kind of suspicious, don't you think?

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Sweet! When I get my next paycheck I am def buying a copy!
They wouldn't have missed this Gala
... the only one I don't immediately recognize is Guan Yu. The first two are classical vampire figures from Europe, and Kali is a goddess (one of a trinity) from Hindu mythology. I imagine the group's interactions with the Black Earth Mother are going to be VERY interesting. XD
Dance party, woo!
Volume 4 is now available for purchase! Repeat VOLUME 4 is now available for purchase! Order your copy today!
@Drunken Nordmann: Admitedly, we were going for something Hellsing-ish and these shadowy figures may or may not be the final appearance for the comic. .jpg
@Midnight_Cat: He's known as the 'millennium earl' and the 'thousand-year alchemist' for a reason. Those were actual things he himself as well as others called him. People today have even claimed to have met him.
Ey, it's Vlad!
I was wondering how long he's been alive, considering how he seems to know her really well, and unless i'm mistaken, she doesn't get around very often
Shame your Dracula doesn't look closer to his historical inspiration - guy got an amazing mustache. :P
A little, but i imagine your interpretation maybe different than the classical interpretations
Do you recognise these famous figures?