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A Song for Elise

by Nattserier
Andi, Marcus and Elise are best friends since high school. But it hasn't been an easy friendship... And it will get worse. How much change will their relationship be able to deal with, whether it's love or death?

A yaoi manga with all the EMO that it requires!
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5 Years Ago
Andi, Marcus and Elise are best friends since high school. But it hasn't been an easy friendship... And it will get worse. How much change will their relationship be able to deal with, whether it's love or death?

A yaoi manga with all the EMO that it requires!


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Congratulations on making on the Top 25 "Most Fans" list on Smackjeeves! :)
u did a great job with this story... we r drawn in and emotionally became invested in the well being of the characters.
@Nattserier: also, make mor prints then!! pretty please! or at least a site where I can read it? pleasepleasepleaseeeee?
@Nattserier: glad to lighten up your mood ^^
not so glad to hear about the book (read *sad*) but I'll live.
on another note, I would want to buy the book about Elise as well BUT (you hate me don't you) I can't because we don't use those bank cards in Belgium (that I know of) so I have no way to pay for this :c (more sad)
@SamJ, wow... thank you so much!!! I can't thank you enough for your kind words. I still now and then come back here to read some comments, and fount this today, and it really made my day - which I totally needed in my life right now.

Yes, the GUYS anthology is sadly out of print... :(

SamJ, so sorry for the super duper late reply!!
Yes, the complete colletion of A song for Elise is avaliable here:

It contains the full manga (including the not online published sex scene!) and the bonus story that was first published in the BL-anthology GUYS.

THANK YOU so much for all this praise and support, I really really appreciate it! <3 <3 <3 <3
quite some time ago I think you were selling this novel about Elise, right? I didn't have any money back then, and now I can't seem to find the page where you sell it? Maybe I just made all this up, but, haha. Anyway, please let me know if you're still selling this book, and where I can find it :) I'd love to have this on my shelf ^^
You might want to put a trigger warning in here for depression/self harm anything like that.
So is this webcomic also done I mean yeah I just read it and thought it was good. Thanks for your hard work
meeeh I love the ending but I'm so sad that it's the frickin' end :c
shit your story was so heart wrenching my mum totally panicked when I was crying at the dinner table haha fucking hell you really tore my heart out with this but I love you for it.
besides, your style is pretty damn beautiful. One of the prettiest I've ever seen. Their faces never lack emotion, everything is so real you could imagine them sitting around you. I really felt part of the story, I got so sucked in - it's a rare talent but you've nailed it.
I'll definitely buy the book :3
just one thing: when I clicked the link here for the book Guys, they just harshly said: “You're looking for something that isn't there" Y U do this?
Absolutely, MIDOxRI! XD
So they all walk on the ceiling? And things fall up??
Looks cool
I'll definitely check it out, right now!
I'm back!!
Hello all my amazing fans out there!
I feel so blessed to have you! I still come back here from time to time and read your coments, new and old. They not only warms my heart and make me realize things, they also motivate me to strive higher and create more manga!
You can't imagine how much this site has helped me push myself to become a pro.

And now I'm back!
This time it's not yaoi, tho. I understand some of you might get disappointed because it isn't, but I still would love for you to give my new webcomic a try:

Not only have I become a better artist technically, I want to make manga that pushes the medium and the storytelling. I did lots of research before this one.

It's a story about a fairy tale world where the queens rule! I wanted to make a matriachal fantasy manga, since I get quite irritated by the fact that most fantasy stories are about men doing things with other men in patriarchal worlds. Why - when you create a fantay world and have the chance of coming up with any kind och ruling system - does most authors make it patriarchal?? That boggles me.

So, this is Sword Princess Amaltea, a princess sent out to rescue a pince in need, in a world where everything is as we know it, but flipped.

Hope you'll like it! <3
yeah no problem keep that up good work
That picture...
Im very sure some finnish people is done it. Because that background is ideal finland summer. :D
Wow! Simply Wow.
One of the best comics I've read - web/print/yaoi/non-yaoi - doesn't matter. The story and the way you told it is just that good. Hope you continue to offer more stories either with new or current characters. Thank you for your art and time.
Swedish >3<
Åååh men du skulle skrivit en Version på svenska också, hade varit intressant att läsa yaoi på svenska *-*
This is so beautiful....I can't even.
This comic was beautiful, and a pleasure to read. Thank you for sharing this amazing story with us!