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The Good Prince


The spirit of the doujinshi convention has reached North America in the form of anime-doujin hybrid conventions. At these havens, authors can sell self-published, original novels and comics to the public in an environment much like North American anime conventions.

The most well-known writing giant of these cons is Lady April, a yuri novelist who first started selling self-published works on the internet, famous for delicate, emotion and character-driven lesbian romantic fiction. But what will happen when this author encounters a not-so-storybook romance in real life?

Seven chapters. Contains HL and GL. Some mild sexual content and much talk of yuri.


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I miss this comic. :/
*Casual lines up knuckles* Ohhh no...he did NOT say that... >B ( *Glares*
*Applause* I've nearly forgotten how much I love your comic. Thank you for putting forth your time and completing this page :)
Yes! Tell them how you *really* feel!
October 10th, 2016
I am pretty sure society threw decency out the window a long time ago.
Oh it's good to see this updating again. :)
October 2nd, 2016
TGP in October!
Long time no see, guys!

I was saving some of these finished pages for the Patreon I wanna start in the near-ish future, but I'm taking on a big pro project this winter that's going to delay things, so I decided it was better to just push out the rest of this scene.

Twice a week updates in October! Tuesdays and Fridays~
I wonder when the next update will be?
As someone who identifies as agender and asexual, I've been asked why I read comics like this. His questions are my answer. I like seeing people connect to each other in positive ways.
I'm so glad he spoke up. At first I didn't think he would. Although I can't help worrying that they're all gonna bully and laugh at him. <:'( Poor man.
I can't wait for what comes next.
URGH...that last panel. It's sad there are people who honestly think that. >: (
Yer back! I was beginning to fear this little gem may have been booted to the curb!
Hi I'm new and I really love this comic so far, I can't wait for more. :D
Camping Trip This Week!
Jeremy and I have been on our annual camping trip this last week, so no update today. Assuming all goes according to plan, updates should resume next week.

See you all then!
Updates should resume soon!
Anyone who follows me on Tumblr or Twitter should already know that I only had enough update buffer for July, so I can make no guarantees that regular updates will continue consistently, but this has been fun and I really want to get back to doing it again!

I realized I never posted this, so until I finish inking the next page, here's a little something I polished up last year. It's a redraw of an old fan thank you I did back in '10, and also the cover for the individual issue of Chapter 2 which I will be restocking soon for Nan Desu Kan in September.

Thank you all so much for continuing to stick around read this comic, it really means so much to me. :3 See you again soon!
@reidcl999 @___@ Right? Even if it takes 10 years, I will finish this comic! Thanks for sticking around. :3
@NeuroticSoulGobbler Thank you! :D I don't know how long I'll be back, but it's nice!
Welcome back! :D