Kirby's Dreamland Adventures

A retelling of the many adventures Kirby has had over the years since 1992.

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Yeah, let's go take on that Ocean Sunfish!
Kirby, stop mislabeling the animals!

now we gotta wait for kirby switch
Man, it's been so long since the last page that a Kirby game has come out in the meantime!

...Well, okay, at the time I'm writing this comment, Blowout Blast's only out in Japan, but that counts!

Hey, remember earlier when Whispy said there were disturbances in Ripple Field? Neither did I! This is me trying to justify that - this Acro figure's acting all fishy. Despite not being a fish.
@Flame The Kirby: YES
Sorry, I meant a funny wow, not a boring wow. Very sorry for not making it clear.
@MarioMadness734: He's Shadowy! And a Popopo! Clearly the most fitting name!
@Guest: Yeah, same with me.
"Shadowy Popopo"
Pitch probably thanked Korby like this:

Punish your son!
Birds of a family... flock... togamily? No, that's not right...
I did not realize that you were updating again until I checked just now out of curiosity.

Perfect timing, I suppose.
"sorry, Pitch is dead"

"quit telling Mom I'm ****ing dead"

"sometimes I can still hear his voice"
June 24th, 2017
Oh hi CLY. Good to see you're still kickin'.
June 24th, 2017

@CapedLuigisYoshi: Yep, E3 this year was really awesome and crazy.
Okay, wow, I delayed this one way waaaay longer than I ever meant to. It's been like three months, and a lot has happened since the last real page! How much, exactly?

- A total of four Kirby games have been announced, and one of them has even come out!
- It's entirely possible that one may have reached the final boss in that one released game without paying any microtransactions!
- Also announced/confirmed were an odd Mario crossover, a remake of the best Mario RPG to exist, and not one, but TWO Metroid games!
- Like three major-ish superhero movies came out, I think?
- The Extreme Team finally received a real ending!
- I had another birthday! Kirby had another birthday!

...In conclusion? I really should start making these non-boss pages shorter. I'd like to finish this arc this year.
Foppy isn't the brightest bulb in the chandelier. Heck, Foppy isn't even IN it.

Kirby/Ribbon was better, anyway.
@TheJGamer: I think that was originally the plan, but it's now March 1st for... reasons. Reasons that'll take a loooong time to be clear.

(Instead, April 27th is Kirby's birthday in this comic.)