Kirby's Dreamland Adventures

A retelling of the many adventures Kirby has had over the years since 1992.

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If you're gonna be a huge dork and say things in Japanese, you should at least learn what you're saying first.
I really like that stagenanigans thing you do for some reason.
The question of what certain words mean in Japanese isn't as clear-cut as it is in the comic! I've gotten conflicting answers on stuff like what exactly means triangle, or whether it's being used as a noun or an adjective, or what means triangular, or what have you. (It's either sankaku or sankakkei.) Even Google Translate is inconsistent with lots of other sites.

...On a different subject, you might have notice the lack of foliage in front of the sprite layer here. I've been generally not bothering with that front layer (aside from water), since it's a pain to deal with.
When I'm reading this out loud I say what I think are the curses :D
January 15th, 2017
I could make another joke but it isn't CLEAN enough for these comments.
January 14th, 2017
It's better to WIPE THE FLOOR with people though.
This is probably the most subtle I've ever been about changing a canon character's name.

But really, the most notable thing here is the first appearance of Clean Ability... which doesn't have its icon show up in the corner like I usually have because they're just too huge in this game. And also it's literally useless here.
@Important information: Fix'd. (Same with the page after this one, since they had both broken.)
Picture broke
Picture broke.
@Nashew: Very true.

Heck, Boboo up there could probably raspberry it up if he wanted. You know, if he weren't apparently committed to a gimmick of poorly imitating Efreeti.
@CapedLuigisYoshi: I seriously doubt it because it pretty much requires lips to do.

This, however, is Kirby, where a tiny pink blob beats up a penguin. I don't think logistics need apply.
@Nashew: can birds even blow raspberries
I like to imagine the censor bars make the same sound as blowing a raspberry.
Oh hey it's those people from two arcs ago.

Back then, I had planned that since their last appearance, Chao and Goku had decided to quit their Rainbow Island duties to explain them just hanging around in Dreamland. However, I decided against it since it seemed unnatural... and plus, Gooey was gonna be around just fine. That sorta turned into the last two panels.

Oh yeah, and it turns out that you can't really find KDL3 splashing effects on TSR.
December 31st, 2016
This minigame isn't as annoying as the sound-based one.
December 31st, 2016
I would have liked to be thrown.
so they were going right, but since they noticed too many giant cannonballs they went left to see what was up, but then once they figured it out they're heading left, in the opposite direction they were originally going?

was that intentional
Yes I know these terms aren't being used correctly for the most part that's the joke.
This guy is weird.