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Second Generation

by Yubria
Two powerful magicians are at war.

One's empire is torn apart by internal turmoil.

The other has a 19-year old grudge that is about to reach a new generation.

Updates Sundays
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6 Years Ago
Two powerful magicians are at war.

One's empire is torn apart by internal turmoil.

The other has a 19-year old grudge that is about to reach a new generation.

Updates Sundays


Recent Comments

Hey! I recently started reading your newest comic (Broken Graphic Novel) and I decided why not read an old one? So I read this one and I was stunned with how gorgeously you did everything for it! I know you probably won't ever update this again, probably from lack of inspiration or just life getting in the way, so I just wanted to say good job, you're super awesome @Yubria :D
Hi!! I just stumbled upon this frikkin AMAZING comic of yours and read the entirety of it today, but now I've come to this last page and I can't help but feel despair as I watch the date of which you uploaded. Do you have a hiatus right now or have you abandoned it? I sincerely hope you haven't because I would be devastated! Hope you're alright and having fun at your college (I think you're still going at least?) and hope you don't study all too much and have some fun between too :)
September 3rd, 2013
@Yubria: YAY! UPDATE!

Vote incentive: miren factsheet and sketch dump? sounds awesome ;) just kidding, we're just happy you updated :D
August 21st, 2013
No vote incentive this week.

If I can get enough of a buffer done before I go back to school next week, the next update will have multiple pages to help make up for the missed updates while I was working on Artists at the Ready.
July 1st, 2013
This week's vote incentive- doodles of the orc deity and a female miren. The orc deity will probably be considered more of an archangel than a god, but I haven't figured out a title I like yet. His name is Rorc- Kind names (orc, elf, miren) come from their respective "deity" name (Rorc, Iolef, Moren). I kind of love Rorc's teeth right now. Normal orc teeth aren't nearly that big, but since Rorc's a supernatural being, he gets an exception. It's not like he actually needs to eat anyways. The miren is just a random female with a fancy hairdo. She's probably rich, important, or a priestess of some sort to be looking that fancy. She's also probably a Wild, as opposed to a Deep or Urban, because Deeps usually prefer to kill things than look good, and Urbans usually follow current hairstyles more closely.
June 24th, 2013
This week's vote incentive- the final wardrobe design for a soon-to-be-appearing character. I posted earlier concept sketches here and there was a second page I never posted that you can see here. The writing around the vote incentive are notes on the character's wardrobe/weapons, and work training notes about house cleaning.

Finally posting this page is kind of a big deal for me- this part (and one that follows shortly after) has been for the longest time what I considered to be the first big event in the story, and everything else is just introducing things and building up to this. I guess it's because, while this scene has changed a lot since it was first conceived, it's one of the few that's always been there.

The page would've been up last week, except that I was busy evacuating because of a raging forest fire, and despite all the stress-coping drawings I was making, comic pages were not among them. (don't worry, my family, pets, house, and property is all fine)
June 10th, 2013
This week's vote incentive- the comic con doodles that were supposed to be up last week, since I forgot to upload it right away. Next week will have something different.

Iavar hasn't been frustrated about this for this for a long time or anything. I don't know why you would think that.

Man, I really need to work on planning for word balloons, and this page shows it. Mondays will be update days now, since that's when the last two updates happened and I don't remember which day I was updating on before that.
June 3rd, 2013
This week's vote incentive- some sketches I drew while listening to some panels at the Denver Comic Con. This was only the first comic con I've been to, and let's just say I can see a ton more of these in my future because it was FUN. And I have so much more respect for comic writers, colorists, and letterers after I went to a couple panels about them. I went to one of Chris Oatley's panels on digital painting even though I'm not that into digital painting because almost every time I listen to his podcast or the Paper Wings podcast I learn something awesome. I was definitely not disappointed.

In case you missed it last time I mentioned it, you can follow my Tumblr for screenshots of the Chapter 1 revamp progress, and I'm in an OCT called Artists at the Ready on deviantART if you're interested in reading a shorter, more action-y comic by me.
May 27th, 2013
Vote incentives are back up again! This week- one of several drawings exploring Kydera and NAK fashion (I'm pretty sure I haven't posted them before, but bear with me if I have). Once upon a time I used to think that Kydera didn't flirt. Then I realized she flirts by arguing. Given her personality and how smart she is, it usually just scares guys away.

Ori and Nic are by far two of the funnest characters to write, and a lot of it is because they argue first, think second. Like that last panel- Nic clearly had no problem yelling about it two pages ago, but now he's refusing to repeat/expound on what he JUST SAID. He and Ori do it out of habit from arguing with Kydera- she can argue circles around them, so the best bet they have is to make it as difficult as possible for her to get anywhere, and/or abandon all reason and hope she gets confused before they do. They have it down to a science at this point with Kydera, but it doesn't work so well when Ori and Nic try to use it on each other, so they usually end up settling it with punching each other or something.
May 12th, 2013
YES- Junior year is done! One year left in college. Thank you to the people who left comments saying you missed the comic or wondering if I was okay- it was very encouraging to hear. Updates should continue weekly since I now have almost all of the chapter figured out. If you would like to follow progress on revamping Chapter 1 (which has been delayed due to school), you can check my Tumblr account where I'll be posting progress screenshots. I'm also participating in an awesome OCT you can read on my dA account. I almost used Willowtail for it, but I ended up going with my oldest and newest characters instead. So that's a busy summer I have planned.

How about your summer plans?
April 22nd, 2013
We miss this...
February 23rd, 2013
Multiple Page Update!
Chapter 5 starts here.

This week's vote incentive- sketches for the new character appearing later in the chapter. As you can see, he has a hook.

So what do you guys think of this page? The difference between it and this page here (aside from slight color differences) is that this page has no inked outlines (the only parts that are inked are where two objects of the same color overlap each other) and the ink isn't straight black. It looks like either method is going to take the same amount of time, and I'm not quite sure which one I like better. Thoughts?
February 15th, 2013
This week's vote incentive- a screenshot of the next chapter's first page, partially colored. I'm not planning on coloring the pages again yet, but I figured out how to finish these things with almost no lineart involved. I'm testing it out to make sure I like the way it looks for a comic page. I believe I'd been working on it for about 1 1/2 hours at this point, not counting sketching. I was hoping to post the finished page this week (since I missed last week's update due to a friend's birthday) but I didn't get started soon enough. TT.TT Double update next week, then.

Chapter 4 done!
February 1st, 2013
This week's vote incentive- a colored sketch of a new character I've been working on.

Clearly the updating on Sundays thing hasn't been working, so I'm moving updates to Friday. The next page will be the last one for this chapter! And I'm pretty excited about the next one- there's some pretty fun stuff happening and a new character will be introduced at the end. If I remember, I'll post concept sketches for the new guy as the vote incentive.
Anonymous (Guest)
January 30th, 2013
It's getting interesting!

I just hope we could see more pages...and more miren... ;)

Thanks for the awesome comic!
January 20th, 2013
Sorry for the lack of updates- there is no reason for why I've been forgetting about it so easily. >.< Two more pages to finish out the chapter! I'll post them and a vote incentive next week.
December 23rd, 2012
This week's vote incentive- a test drawing of the elf demigod. Decided to tweak the religion a little while ago, so now in addition to Ciuda each kind has its own demigod. The in-universe name for them will probably end up being something other than demigod, though.

oh and MERRY (almost) CHRISTMAS!! Have a picture of Nic spazzing out in the snow. Hope you all have a wonderful (and white) Christmas.
December 11th, 2012
I see there starting to get along together already. XD
December 9th, 2012
This week's vote incentive- a miren. I know I've posted pictures of him before, but this is his final adult design. His final kid design is still in the works. The spots/stripes combo started as an idea I had that all miren markings started out spotted and striped, sort of like a deer fawn, before they grew into their adult markings. But then I fell in love with this guy's markings so much I couldn't bear to make him grow out of them. I should also mention again that if anyone would like to suggest something for a vote incentive, I'd be glad to hear it (because the vast majority of my for fun drawings contain spoilers, and I don't want to spoil anything).

And hey, have you guys heard of the Hawkeye Initiative? It's basically a whole tumblr devoted to one of my pet peeves with comics- overly sexualized female characters- but in a funny way. Namely, replacing the drawing of a girl with a drawing of Hawkeye. So far my favorites by far have been this and this because these are pictures of guys trying to replicate the poses with their own bodies and not even coming close.

Jerel- XD

Anonymous- Hope you enjoy it. :) And the re-doing is... going. Not quite where I want it to be, but getting there. I'd like to have the entire chapter finished by the end of next semester, but I don't know if that's a realistic goal at this point. We'll have to see how it goes.