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A wicked menace lurks in the shadows and a cursed toy from the past offers clues to the mysterious spell that holds the town of Deluge captive by the rain. Does the new girl, Laura, have the power to set them all free?

Updates every Thursday
Written and colored by Carolyn Watson Dubisch
Illustrated by Mike Dubisch

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Hmmm, an advert just posted in the author's section... maybe this is a good sign?
One may hope!
Thanks again for the encouragement. We're going to take this all the way!
I got it on my feed, so I'm ready when you are...
More to Come
Just popping in to assure that I will be finishing the art for this GN at some point, as well as updating the earlier chapters to match the later chapters. Glad you all have enjoyed our ongoing story :)
Just found this today, and the story is really intriguing. I meant to stop reading hours ago, but couldn't. Hope you come back to it some day, so we can get more.
Also, I loved the art for Weatherman - nicely steampunkish - though it has been good throughout.
I've been waiting all year for the next installment!
More! More! (Please?)
The way the artwork in this comic has evolved leaves me speechless! Not to mention the storyline that keeps readers on the edge of their seats, great job!
There's more-don't worry, we'll get back to this story soon.
*clinging to the edge of my seat*
I thought she was calling Godzilla for a second
what happened? did she get knocked out by a frog?
don't put it in your mouth! there's acid on your finger!
Running a bit late this week. My apologies.
December 19th, 2012
Oh, and you should post a link to this on the drunk duck page, if you haven't already, because that has fewer pages...
Yes Hopeless Maine is a beautiful comic by my friend Tom Brown. I haven't read very much of it though (I'm embarrassed to say). Now I feel I should. Cheers!
Nice comic!
Hahah, I guess I'm hello then. Anyway, it amazes me how many amazing comics people manage to put up, I certainly won't mind if you keep it up! So, have you heard of the Hopeless, Maine webcomic? totally different, except for a similar premise. And as for all of you that may have just finished reading, what's your impression of The People that Melt in the Rain?
November 21st, 2012

Well thank you!
nice comic!
Hmm, comment thingy... Amazing comic you have, I like strange mysterious places, I like this little town of Deluge, and the oddities that take place there...
November 15th, 2012
This template from smackjeeves doesn't seem to show the RSS feed. I'll be changing it soon. Sorry about that.
RSS feed?
I love reading your comic, but I quickly fall behind due to no RSS feed posted. Is this something you've thought about doing or plan to implement in the future?