Song of the Butterfly

- Little Rim Marie is drawn into another world hidden just under the surface of reality and discovers her self-worth. She is caught in the middle of the eternal struggle between Light and Shadow.


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The dialogue on this page actually didn't take long to add....but the art on the page itself....UGH
It was worth it though. This marks the first appearance of Danielle in one of my comics since the mid 90's (she had her own comic)

I won't reveal anything about her yet, but she will have an extensive character design page sometime in the future. I will have to piece it together into a single page because she has so much history and so many design changes.

She is definitely one of my favorite characters :D
Bloo's Angels
I like this page :D
I had to design a grade school uniform for the next few panels.
I thought of going with yellow but it didn't look very good so I went with light blue.
@Marduk: Happy Birthday Marduk!
I hope you got cake!
@BlooKatt: I doubt anyone will complain about you breaking the update schedule that way. :) Happy my birthday, by the way. I continue to live, and the world is blessed thereby!
Wha? itsn't a bit early?
a bit early, but I'm expecting company this weekend (and snow) so I figured I would go ahead post the new page just in case I don't get a chance or forget because I'm too busy.

I'm terrible at keeping to the update schedule anyways, might as well be early instead late for once :D
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year Everyone! time for my nap :D
December 11th, 2016
Ah Kei
Her name and hair color come from another character.

When my friends an I used to play fighting games all the time, we used to voice what we thought the characters were saying to each other. Kei Okuda was a character I had in my MUGEN roster and I would always voice her when she came up...and thus Kei was born.

Full of herself and VERY overconfident, Kei is a brawler. Very much like the Guardian Cynthia (she's coming up soon!), Kei like to solve her arguments with her fists.
She usually has a band-aid on her body somewhere because he always gets hurt sparring with Nicole. Her original design has her with freckles, but that made her too much like Cynthia so I removed them. I did away with the breast bandages and just made her a bit smaller.

Kei likes to fight in whatever she is wearing...which is usually her uniform. Expect to see ALOT of panty shots from Kei. :D
November 29th, 2016
Silent Nicole!
When I designed Nicole, I imagined her to be very soft-spoken.
I wanted to give her a baby-face, but as I drew her more and more, I really didn't like it so much.
She always seemed to be picking on Kei, but the two are actually very close friends (more so than either of them are to Heart)
Although Nicole likes Heart, she considers her more of a boss than a friend.
November 26th, 2016
Heart Collins
Heart changed a bit from the designed version
I originally wanted her to be tall and thin, sorta like
a fashion model. But I decided I didn't want her to be too much taller than Kei and Nicole.
I ended up making her hair a bit too curly in the actual comic than I intended. I kept drawing it like the Guardian Cynthia's hair (we get to see her later in the chapter)I'll try and correct it as I go :D
I made her freckles less prominent since Kei was suppose to have alot of freckles (which I ended up ditching)

I must have a thing for freckles and glasses. Even Rimy has glasses, she just doesn't wear them outside of her room. She only needs them to read. (just wait until Gwyneth see Rimy wearing them :D )
So, thinking back to other stories I'm recalling that this sort of thing generally doesn't go well.
I'm going to try to move the update day back to Thursday night/Friday morning. SO there will be another page this week.
I guess I should set aside time to make a Comic cover too for the site redesign ;)
I remember you! Good to see you again!
@Marduk: Thanks!
I have been meaning to update, life just got in my way XD

@supercomputer276: It's good to be back!
Welcome back!
Serendipity - it wasn't that long ago I was wondering if this comic would continue. Thank you for your efforts, and I look forward to seeing more!
Spot on with this writeup, I actually believe this website needs a great deal more attention. Ill probably be returning to read through more, thanks for the info! affbcedffdea
November 3rd, 2014
So smart, she's dumb!
Ah Gwyn!
Aside from Danielle SinClaire, Gwyneth is my OLDEST character (not in story old)

I originally created her for the same comic Danielle and Pensila came from.I absolutely adore her :D

Her design influences...a girl I knew in junior high named Christina (her posture and those HUUUGE glasses)
and her MAIN influence was The Little Mermaid ( I loved drawing her back then!)

In Song of the Butterfly, her story is sorta sad. In the next few chapters, Rimy will start to piece it together.

Gwyneth is the 3rd highest scoring child in her class. (Cleo Ballard and Audra Allum placing above her and Rim Marie below her)
She excels in math and computers. She can remember anything she reads, BUT she is terrible with the names of people she just met (there are odd exceptions as we will soon see in the upcoming chapters).

I shouldn't spoil any more!
And thats the End of the Chapter!
whew! took long enough ><

Quite a few introductions in the next chapter!
Some of my favorite characters join the cast!
CHULHOON! and Dani-Chan!

and we get to see Rimy suck at fighting!
and more sexy Cat!

Song of the Butterfly Chapter 4 'Medicine'!
Alas poor Ellis...
Sorta glad this guy gets it.
I really hated drawing him ><
Wow, I came NOWHERE near that deadline ><
I wish I had more time. I really love making Rimy's comic. I'll have to figure out a way to speed up the process
But it's sooo easy!
Actually, it wasn't ^^;
this page took longer than usual. But Gwyneth is soo cute! If I can find her original design sheet, I'll post it!
Such a history that girl has! Like Pensila , she was from a comic I did while I was in high school.
Still one of my fav characters!