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Song of the Butterfly

- Little Rim Marie is drawn into another world hidden just under the surface of reality and discovers her self-worth. She is caught in the middle of the eternal struggle between Light and Shadow.


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November 5th, 2019
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Old man Laz
Just barely finished this page for July ><
I'm still working out my schedule, but it should get better after the summer is over.

So while I was doing the text for this page, I thought about the word 'amoung'.
my spellcheck says it was misspelled, but I was SURE I was spelling it correctly.
So I googled it and it turns out 'amoung' is an archaic spelling of 'among'
I decided that Laz is like old, so I kept it :D
Elaine's crest
This page took longer than it should have.
Elaine's crest is a pain to draw.
I will have to make a template for it on her design sheet for future pages.

But it wasn't just that. I normally take the summer off because it is sooo busy around here during the summer months.
I forgot this when I planned on trying my '4-5 pages a month' idea

so I have to wait until September to try my new schedule, and go on hiatus until then.

Sorry about that ><
I'll see you folks in September!
Summer Hiatus
Its pretty much that time again. Time for summer vacation!

But this year, I will be trying something new.
I will start updating at the end of each month. Sorta like a large update (4-5 pages or more if I can manage)
if it works out, I will switch to that schedule year round :D

So I'll see you folks at the end of June!

Have a Great Summer! XD
What are you planning?
Once again, I decided to edit the dialogue.
In the written version, Elaine says 'What are your intentions?' but, I changed it to 'What are you planning?'
This means I have to make changes on the next page too.
I just couldn't get 'intentions' to fit in the bubble very well :/

didn't finish this page until 2:30 am Saturday morning, so its a bit late (since the last page was on Friday)
It's almost time for the summer hiatus (I get VERY busy during the summer with all the birthdays and visitors)

I want to finish off the chapter before then, but this chapter is a bit longer that the previous ones due to all the character introductions and I STILL haven't gotten to Danielle!
Late page is late
The page was late as I figured, but I unwittingly moved the update day back to Friday.
It's still going to be erratic though, as I'm still dividing my time. ;)
April 29th, 2019
Flying Kei SMASH
This wrapped up the 'Skeeve Encounter'
I originally wanted it to last a bit longer, but I'm still get used to drawing Chulhoon fighting. So I had to shorten it because I was spending waaay too much time on it. But there will be plenty of hand-to-hand fight scenes in later chapters.
Hopefully I will be better at drawing them by then :D

The 'sorta hand-to-hand' fight with Rimy and the other Guardians is a bit more 'blasty' rather than 'punchy-kicky'..except maybe Kei
Ugh...I really don't like Skeeve. I liked Ahga, Noraa and Laz, but Skeeve and Roaja are a bit of a pain.
I have been re-working Roaja while he is off-screen though, so he should be pretty cool when he gets back.

- Break incoming!
It's time I got caught up some of my other projects (not to mention make more pages!)
so after the page next week, updating will be a bit sporadic. I'll prolly miss a Monday update or two.

Unless something major comes up, I don't think it should be too long before I get back to regular updates again
I was going to add a sound fx to the 'Skeeve-punched-in-the-face' panel, but I think it looks better without it.
I think Skeeve's expression is enough to get the point across anyways XD
'It is I, Guardian Morgan'
In the written version of SotB: Eternity,
after Heart/Morgan says 'Its is I, Guardian Morgan', Kei responds with:
'oh my gawd Heart! Who talks like that? stop being so dorky'

I decided not to put it in due to layout issues :(
Elaine's dress
I like drawing Elaine.
I couldn't decide which dress she should wear for this appearance (since she can change the way she manifests her clothing)
Went with her normal dress this time. Although I greatly considered keeping her nude under her crest >:)
Throw'n Tornadoes
Nicole wasn't really trying to kill Rimy (She IS a Guardian)
but if not for Rimy's Aura shield, the attack could have broken bones or even been fatal!

In a later chapter, we get to see different version of Nicole's Tornadoes. I still haven't decided how I should vary their appearance though ><
Tornado Page!
I like this page! :D

I really had fun making this page, although I may work on the way Nicole's tornadoes look in future pages
still, this page makes me smile!
Time to Blow
While I was working on this page I kept thinking of the line 'Time to blow' for some reason
I remember it from a movie call 'Drive' with Kadeem Hardison and Mark Dacascos.
Dacascos's character says it right before detonating an explosive that a villain was wearing. And Hardison responds 'time to blow?' and shakes his head.

I know...but it was funny back in the nineties I guess.

And there aren't even any explosions on this page :/
The Guardian Crest
More about it will be explained later so I won't give away too much here.

Every Guardian has a representation of their core strength called their 'Crest'
it usually is very ornate and depicts the guardian's elemental affinity and sometimes their patron animal/creature

Guardians powers are usually based on an element (Earth, Water, Wind or Fire) but some guardians are attuned to other powers (like Light and Dark)
Some Guardians (usually the Elder ones) can manipulate more than one element.
Heart can use Fire and Wind, while Elaine can only use Water.
Kei is an odd one. She is attuned to Earth, yet she frequently uses Wind
Nicole is a very powerful wind-attuned she shall soon demonstrate ;)
Aura shields
I have to rework the way the Hex Aura Shield looks like,
I'm not happy with it
it hasn't been turning out like it did in earlier pages
it's a work in progress I guess
As Rimy gets better with it, I will get better at drawing it XD
Missed Text Message
Normally, I would title the page after a line of dialog within the page....
but since no one actually says anything on this page.

I guess Gwyneth's text sorta counts, but its not that easy to read. :/
I'm really loving this entire stretch. :)
I'm Korean!
Chulhoon was originally the character of friend of mine on Final Fantasy XI
He was also the leader of our Linkshell.
Ah I still miss those days ; ;

The character Chulhoon was created to honor him (he's not dead or anything)
Many of the cast of SotB are designed after friends of mine! Of course I exercised a bit of artistic license with them though!
is she texting?
Normally, a cellphone signal would not be able to travel outside a plane-shifted zone. But for some reason Gwyneth is able to text. If Reiko or Chulhoon had tried to use their phones, they would have had no signal.
So, how is Gwyneth doing it?

Magical phone?
She is on Verizon?
She isn't actually texting, she is pretending to text to avoid Skeeve?