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Three Shy Guys and two Shy Girls go on a journey to save their country.

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Yet again I return to this. To give it a proper cover. That is all.
So after a couple years I now mark this as complete. I never got around to the bonus stuff but whatever. It's probably better that way. Even if I am bit disappointed I couldn't make them. Also I found that I can have it so you can leave a bookmark if needed. For whatever reason.
@-metablender: "Oh, you mean the invisible nonexistant nose?"
Still, they let Nightmare Guy wander around unsupervised?
These Shy Guys never learn.
@Erokuso & Gigi: Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.
I enjoyed this a lot, a very good comic.
great comic, very well done.
@-metablender: Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Yeah getting tired of does kinda suck. I'm just glad I was able to end it. I'll be making some bonus stuff later though. Hopefully.
Finally caught back up. Very nice comic though sorry to hear you got tired of it towards the end. I always think you've been pretty inventive on your characters. I like Crap Guy's inclusion in chapter 3, you handled him well.

Best of luck to whatever you do next.

((aside: I haven't been on site because I had a hard drive failure. I lost 90% of my sprites because I had few backups.))
Wow, I can't believe this comic was completed the DAY BEFORE I found it and read the whole thing. What a coincidence.
@Jarkes: No. The heroes were going to fight him before his father took control.
@Lord Enigma: Was it supposed to happen during the battle in the center of Mage's mind?
@Jarkes: Yeah. I changed my mind on that part. I didn't feel like changing the banner. I may make some bonus comics for that.

@Everyone else. Glad you enjoyed it.
*applauds* Bravo! Well done! Loved the comic!
Wait, Mage never turned into that glowing form from the banner.
Well, this was fun.
Well as far as I'm concerned this comic is over. I feel it could have gone better though. I'm still pretty satisfied with it. I did enjoy it for a while. Though I will admit during the last chapter I was getting sick of it. Maybe it was my poor scripting of it. I made most of it up as I went. Whatever though.

I'm not gonna mark this as completed yet. Since I'm thinking about making some bonus features and such. Though it won't be for while.

Thank you all for reading this comic and an extra thanks to those who remained after I rebooted it.
@METAL SHADOWmk80: Won't that prevent me from continuing anyway.
@Lord Enigma: you spelled glad wrong. instead you wrote gald.