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........And some really good comics.

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lol that used to be my comic
I just shit my pants laughing. That used to be my old comic, then I deleted it because it sucked dick hard, I just recently started a new comic. same name, different plot. I hope it's better than this one!
I'd really appreciate it if somebody would review my comics. :)
hey up

might be interesting if you reveiw my bigger web comic,

thank you =)
plz review my comic!
Hey Nuff! Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, I went off on a bit of a hiatus to gather myself, haha.

Thanks so much for the review, both me and my writer are really pleased with what you've said. I'm glad the gorey scene impressed you the most--always my favourite to draw 8D
Don't review it again now. let me finish part 2 at least so you actually LIKE and WANT to understand it. I make the reader think in this comic.
gah, whatever. he just said he would, you know, delete it and I am frankley not that far into the comic. stupid me thought I would have some time when clearly I didn't ether way I could have looked at it.

Also it's not REALLY a review if he "guessed he didn't read it very well". and yes I reread the comic. he missed VITAL information about the comic.

I'll be back when I'm ALOT deeper into the comic, then I'll get a real review, I just don't want it to look bad, because honestly, I'm trying so hard to make THE example of making a sprite comic. I can even show you a up to date script if you don't belive me.

that's right, A SCRIPT. how many sprite comics have scripts? seriously...

And yes I'm bitching/whining, but for good reasons.
The review will stand. You signed up for a review and you got one.

It's probably a kinda review then you would have gotten from me.
no, I'm being serious, I don't want a poorly written review to plaque my comic. kill it.
I...dont..think I have EVER laughed so hard in my life. You, my friend, should seriously think of taking up stand-up comedy. Your satire is hilarious.

ANYWAYS: This review was AMAZING <3 Thank you SO much for writing it, you really have a grasp of true critique, and whats biased (But hey! It'll sell at cons, the fangirls love it) , and dont worry, I will add more character development, I will really try to work on that.

PFFFT Dont worry, there will be more comedy than BL, so dont worry, you wont be THAT grossed out~ ;D
go ahead, you didn't even read it properly T_T
You're a comic reviewer! You're supposed to read the comic you're reviewing! T_T

Nevermind, it's too early to show what I'm trying to do with this...

Also I tend to reach success if I'm determined to do so, and I'm determined to do so.
you didn't understand ALOT of it and it WAS explained... and that was only part 1 of chapter 1 (part 2 I'm still making) T_T

I'll come back, thanks for the review anyway.
It seems like the rest of the reviewers haven't been active in a while. May I ask for a review if they do not return soon? I was put on the list a long time ago for Jimmy but nothing so far.
I was wondering if you could stop by my cartoon "Pep Squad" and give a review next.
Don't worry, it's not a sprite comic.
I'm scared now... >_<
Omg thanks so much! I look forward to your lovely, indepth review~~ <3
Thanks for the review. I'm glad it got a better review than the last comic. And I'm gonna go back and clean up the writing a little bit. Like the "Jenkins house" I have no idea why I put that in there, and it kinda messes up the story. Also I might be changing the name when I get it published, it bugs me too. I would like to collaborate with that idea of yours, but I already got enough on my plate, sorry. Thanks again for the review.
I have asked some other reviewing comics to review my comics. They were all very positive...

I'm doing it here to, to see how much critism I can get.

Comic name is team Disastix.
I know the sprites of the wolf aren't the best, I need to work on those.