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zombie love

by nancchan
just minato and his friends going thru life as zombies
with a ghost or 2 and how they all died

bl/yaoi with a bit a het~~

reads from right to left
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7 Years Ago
just minato and his friends going thru life as zombies
with a ghost or 2 and how they all died

bl/yaoi with a bit a het~~

reads from right to left


Recent Comments

October 22nd, 2016
That's like me when I say "ewwwww! Straight people!"
=.= My mom bursts open my door without knocking when i clicked to this page >:C god dont people know how to knock anymore!? T.T
Barry (Guest)
September 23rd, 2013
That Can's got some moves.
Kill that lil mother fucker I hate bunnies!
April 18th, 2013
so comic end or no?
i wanna know what happened to Micchiiiiii ahhhh!
yes sex yes that'll warm them both right up xD
@yukaiHUNNY: i know right! it's awesome :3
August 20th, 2012
how would i say....
you drawing is improved very much from the fist page.
I think your style changed a little bit ...It's more western style. at this page, Minato has more manly face. >w<)

ONLY 2-3 FUCKING YEARS?? What a gyp!! That SUCKS!!! *glomps the cast of this comic* NO I FORBID DEATH. DEATH IS NOT ALLOWED.
June 24th, 2012
it's been so long OuO i ove you for uploading!
I saw this and nearly fell out my chair, was so freakin' happy. But seriously 2-3 yrs only? How long has he been alive already?
A v e r y
June 24th, 2012
dfvghjmkjh I adore you and this comic.

But omg they only live 2-3 years ;A; mmghghghhgghg *clings to Matsuri and Minato and little ghost-bitch forveer*vtrgjybth
June 24th, 2012
WOW SORRY I SUCK SO FUCKING MUCH i just really havent felt like drawing this comic for a while (mainly cuz im sick of this story thing ughghguh) but yeah ill force myself to draw another page soon in case i dont just do it for fun wehh ;w;
also i changes minato's injuries a bit to match more how he died. ill post a good pic of them soon haha
omg i just love the story line can't wait to read more
Ahaha, I can so imagine him just walking into the forest and finding some dumbasses who wandered in and stealing their jackets and nomming on them. That's so hilarious.
oh god i'm laughing so fucking hard right now. This is just not Minato's day. His friends *cough cough* assholes *cough* stole his jackets AND his wall!! Bitches 'bout to get their asses kicked.
"If they get attacked, no one's coming to save them."

Is it bad that I laughed at that and said "I would just LOVE to see some stupid bitches come in and be all like 'Oh mah gawd, zombies!! =O=' and get eaten! Ahahaha!!!"

I'm so demented.

(BTE I can't wait to see Micchi's profile under 'zombies')
You know what, I was literally just in the shower not five minutes ago and thought "I wonder if that one zombie comic is gonna be updated anytime soon." HELLO!
April 18th, 2012
I am amazed by the thought and detail put into this. It's really interesting, I really look forward to your updates. I have one question about the nice zombies, is that gonna get explained later? Or can you explain now if it's not gonna get explained?