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On the Bright Side

Jacob is a shy sixteen year old student who isn't very popular at school. Looking forward to the day he graduates, he keeps a low profile just wanting to get through the rest of it quietly. One day coming home from school, Jacob sees a family is moving in next door. He notices the oldest daughter is a cute girl around the same age as him. To his surprise, the girl named Kaylee used to be his best childhood friend! It's been eight years since they have last seen each other, but now they will be next door neighbors. Kaylee, who has an outgoing and friendly personality will make Jacob's quiet, boring life a little more interesting.


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Looks great, really getting into the story. I hope to see more, but don't stress yourself to much <3
Yeah, I'm having a moment like that with my comic too, honestly. Glad you got it sorted out!
August 23rd, 2016
i hate it when you get stuck in your own story >.< glad to see ya back !!
August 21st, 2016
ah!!! you're back!
^ Tell me about it, I made the mistake of watching Chobits for the first time with my mother in the room. To this day she refers to it as "Sexy Robot Anime" XD
The dialogue in the last few pages and the next few gave me trouble, but I got them figured out for the most part. I'm getting to be a little quicker with drawing classrooms though. :3

@Kiiroi: Yes I am!! I missed you! ^u^<3
@CAMLOST: Yes! It's a pain trying to work through especially when under a lot of stress from life stuff. >< Thanks!
August 18th, 2016
glad to see you back!!!
Okay, so I think I'm back for real now. All I can say is... the day job stinks!!

Aside from that, in a few weeks I will be at Intervention con, Sept 16th and 17th. I'm going to be visiting but I may have a temporary table that Friday. I will be bringing a few copies of OTBS with me. So if you will be in the area, stop by and say hi! I'm also going to attempt to get into Kotoricon here in NJ again (which will be in January), so I'll keep you guys posted. :3

@CAMLOST: Thanks!! <3 And I'm glad to see you're still active on here as well!
Read up to date. what a great comic! Love the art style and will be adding this to the ever growing list of comics i follow!
I just finished reading this, I have added it to my rss feed.
December 14th, 2015
@MorgLeFay: They're such dorks. <3 Aww I'm glad! It makes me happy when others say reading this makes them happy too. Thank you! :)
@ssfgrgawer: Thank you so much for such a nice comment! I'm happy you enjoyed it so far! :D
December 13th, 2015
These cute nerds.

Every time this comic updates it makes me happy.
Surprise, I am the first!!!
I also can't believe This has not deleted my account. I'll just use it to comment. I'll eventually using a redirecting code on my comics so it goes to the right spot!

ANYWAYS I'm on here to comment about your comic. :D YAY A UPDATE!!! Gavin!!!! they look so cute!!!!!!
Gavin's back! Missed drawing this guy.

@BakaMonMon: Yes I am happy I am able to update again! :3 Glad that you still visit every once in a while, I'll be following your comics on your other site too of course!
Glad it's back. :D
November 21st, 2015
Aw, yay! I'm glad this comic is being continued. Can't wait to see how things go. (...Still over here shipping Melly and Gavin. Is their ship name Melvin?)
November 21st, 2015
Hey Everybody! Thank you all for your patience for my lack of updating through all these months. So a lot of you may be wondering what's new with me? As for the personal life, not too much going on except still working full-time in HR. Since our department is short-handed, I'm busy non-stop. Kind of good that I'm kept busy all day, never bored at work and constantly learning new things in HR, but I'm mentally and physically drained at the end of the day. Seems more often I'm in bed passed out at 7:30pm. But a few good things happened within the last few months at work, so I'm a little more optimistic.
So I spent most of the time this past year working to get OTBS printed (one of the reasons for my lack of updating). All the work paid off, now OTBS Volume 1 is in print form and had it for sale back at Anime USA. I sold a few copies which really made me happy! Once they are available for sale online, I will let you guys know. ;D Since that big project is finally done with, I will be focusing on new pages.
Again, thanks everyone for still reading this thing!! <33

@MorgLeFay: Thanks!! Glad you're looking forward to more. :D Yes I love it! I approve of the "Melvin" as the ship name for those two! <3
Does anyone know when/if this comic will be updating again?
Oh no... I reached the last page. This comic is so great!
I love the way you draw different body types. :) Like, Kaylee isn't the typical tall skinny girl you see in a lot of comics. She actually has a very realistic body. And by comparison Melany is taller and slimmer and just... it's nice to see an artist put thought into making their characters more than just cookie cutter versions of the same person, if that makes sense.