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simple comic, about a boy and hios son, and flying a kite.

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OHMYGOSH!!! This was so super adorable!!! >w< I don't know what else to say!!!
You have a really good style. The coloring is amazing, it looks so soft and dreamy!
Beautiful page!
The colors are wonderful.
This is beautiful. Thanks so much for making it.
this was great!! A awesome child/family story!! Very very cute!!
I love the style of this comic its awesome!!!!
this comic was so cute and sweet!

the great thing about what you do is that you are extremely good at picturing the mood and feelings of the charachters. that's great stuff. most comics lack of it or they are nowhere near this sort of level. also the art is really good
I literally made a chocking noise.

It's so simple and so amazing.

Where have you been all my life? :<
It's something very different from all the things I've read at Smackjeeves. And I adore it. I hope there were more comics like this around here. (:
this was really heartwarming and, the way you colour and draw is beautiful, and soft , and somewhat dreamy. its nostalgic. your comics are beautiful <3
you guys probablt won't read this, but thankyou reveryone for all your amazing comments, i'm really blown away. thankyou so much =')
That was... beautiful ;_; I hope you are pro; your style is one that would be warm-welcomed in modern picture books, I think.
I adore your use of watercolor. It's so soft and friendly-looking.
December 17th, 2008
sevenpages whaiiii
December 16th, 2008
This comic is absoloutely adorable, it's got a certain charm to it that you just can't shake off ^_^

And despite it being only 7 pages it feels... complete. :) Good job!
December 16th, 2008
...Awww. D: Su-such a cute scene <3
December 15th, 2008
I just gotta say, this comic is absolutely wonderful. It feels me with such a peacful feeling.
This page especially is just gorgeous...the colors and composition are perfect.

Also this is kind of random but you have really nice handwriting, it really fits in with the whoel atmosphere of the comic.

Eagerly looking forward to more. :)
Waw, thankyou!
@ Tofu- th-thamkyou!! I am very smitten with your comic and your professional quality, so i'm kinda flabagasted someone pretty fantastic like you enjoys the comic!! I'm very glad you feel sentimental, that's the feeling i hoped people would get xD;;

@chocojax - thankyou very much, very very sweet little comment!! ;_; it made my day to hear it I tell you <D i rellay hope you enjoy the rest;; I fear it's very dull;;

Resait- th-thankyou ;o; srsly... i was very taken aback to hear it could be in ananthology =OOO!! I'm pretty flabagasted...!! just thankyou!!

weee! such encouragment =) tis nice to hear such nice comments! thank ye everyone ='O
December 14th, 2008
The comic is purely charming and I can't shake the feeling that this should belong in a comic anthology.
December 14th, 2008
Only sevennn? D:~
I really love your colorins and your style and... the... cuteness... of the relationship. ;__;