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Jay-jay goes on many adventures with his causin Espio and the Sonic characters................
it's just NINJA STYLE!

Recent Comments

jay is considering restarting it.

I actually like this comic! Please make another one soon!
well jay has his own blood line trait that will be revealed.

also, since my laptop has crashed dont epect anything from me

and since jay's comp lacks internet. he might hav trouble too.
This is a good comic, but you author need to think up better attacks.
Com'on, you should be more original.
All I've seen up to now is rasengan, chidori ect (The traditional naruto attack)
I'm not talking about using it for sasuke, because thats sasukes original moves.
I mean the author characters, instead of using sharingan, make up your own kekkei genkai (Or whatever it is).
Hello fans I am thinking of rebooting my comic this time with all paint .net if terra dose not update I don't know yet so if you think I shoul than just message me
finally i updated again... better tell terra to update too.

This is cool! I might favourite this! Come and check out my comics as well! :D
nice man

edit: ok, in other news (jay forgot to mention) terra, we dont hav those sonic/naruto sprites anymore. we need them unless ppl think we should stick to plain naruto sprites
December 21st, 2010
okay so i know you all are saying:
"JAY-2 WHY NO PAINT.NET?????????"

but i have a reason. normally when i make comics its when i come over to ultimate's place and use his computer.

on my comp at home, well its a new comp so most of my stuff was on ult's comp.

so i'm not sure how will effect my new comp so i haven't downloaded it. so thats why this is on ms paint.

anyway, long comment short:
1) no
2) yay update!
3) i'd apreciate your help tyson.
i need this background and sound ninja sprites and the cai sprites and sonic sprites so i can start this battle please
July 28th, 2010
Can i have those awsome hedgehog sauske sprites
July 4th, 2010
but plz stick to the human sauske sprites
this is a sonic/naruto collab comic
no more sprites new cpu
what does he mean by crap?
sure, i'll send you an invite
the original plan was for espio and tyson to tag team but oh well
don't worry ppl sauske will step it up a bit soon
January 11th, 2010
noooooooooo u still have home here yall come back now u heare