Saints' Calling

An ill-tempered girl gets abducted by her best friend in an attempt to straighten her life out. Little does she know... her friend is an alien king from another planet!

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Ahah! That's adorable!
Cuddles are top priority.
Oh my goodness gracious where have I been @_@
That chess match is a about over. While white does have superiority on numbers, they are mostly in pawns and all the higher grade pieces are lost. Black has held on to a knight and the rooks, a offensive like that can do well against even a solid defense. The pawns defense though good
Better start running, kids- oh wait, you can't. D:
aw snap.
I'll take that as a yes...? ;O
I'm getting so bad at keeping up @_@
Her hair is so adorable. And it was funny Frankie never noticed that night haha XD
Thought the tent was the dress for a second there <3
Thanks Athena, you look great too~
Heeeyyy. I finally got back into arting after getting married and stuff. How are y'all doin?
Cat vids- now in 3D.
Yeeee you probably deserve it :I
Poor girl, you should just march over there and take him back!
Yeah the 3rd panel's perspective is screwed up, I ain't messing with it anymore ;^;