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July 30th, 2010
This page kind'a shocked me. ^_^" She was talking about a story that she thought was fake, but, at least this beginning part, I think is true, and I think it's supposed to be our world. That was surprising. (or at least, one not unlike ours)
aosghaoghag! :DDDD I was so happy to find this page here. I didn't know you updated!

It's a bit darker than the usual pages but I don't think it's too bad. Anything else I say, IMI's probably already said. xD

I love your characters! :) And story!

Um, that is all.

September 11th, 2009
Agree with IMI. Just pass it off by saying it's high-drama, so you made it look dark and dangerous. xD
Oh wow! Not only did I get a response, I got a really in-depth one xDD Thanks Imi!! I understand what you mean... I'll be sure to take care with that on the next page : ) I really appreciate the help~
September 9th, 2009
The shading does seem a little dark, hough I think it's your choice of grey tone--the base you're using for skin makes them look as though they're sitting in total darkness, which I'm...not sure is your intention. Lightening the colour you've used on the walls, seeing as they have dark skin, should fix this? (I think, hurr)

Lovely page as always~ You do such wonderful expression.
I'm not too thrilled with this page... it came out kinda funny, and I really just want to push on with the story but if I did that then later it won't be as meaningful : / I'm so impatient sometimes...

anyway, I kinda need my wonderful readers' help real quick. As you may or may not know, I'm using a different computer monitor right now while I'm working in florida for the next five months. The problem is that things look a lot different on this monitor than they did on my normal one. So, if you have a minute, could you please, please, please drop a comment and tell me if the shading/darkness of the page is consistent with the others, or if I have to mess with it a bit... I would really appreciate it!!!!

As always, thanks so much for your support and readership!!!

It's fine, I wasn't staring at the screen for 24 hours waiting for the update. XD
First of all, my apologies to Dalek555, 'cause I said the comic would be done within twenty-four hours of when I posted a reply to his comment, and it ended up being closer to thirty-six because of a CERTAIN someone.

Actually, I apologize in general for my tardiness; I've been packing and doing errands and all sorts of crazy engagements because I leave to work at Disneyworld in two days and have to pack my life into boxes so I can take it with me to Orlando xDD

That being said, I don't know about whether or not there will be a comic next Friday (Don't kill me please D ':). I'll be attending orientations and training, and I don't know how much time I'll have to be drawing... I plan to try my very best to get a comic done before I leave for FL so I won't miss an update, but if there isn't one... you know why : /

Now for actual comic stuff. Um... ignore panel one please. It is ugly. That is all. xDD

See you all soon! Thanks, as always, for your continued patience with me! Enjoy the comic~
thanks : ) next page will be up within the next twenty-four hours; I've been insanely busy with packing and last-minute trips and things, so I've only had time to do bits and pieces of the comic this week... but it will definitely be done by tomorrow
Originally, Cook's line was "what's with the serious face", but I changed it for three reasons. One: uh... she's been serious for awhile now. and it's not like it's a big mystery. Two: it's not even that she's serious there, it's that she's got a scarily calculating face. And number three, it just made me go "WHY SO SERIOUS BEA??? HUH???", and that was just silly.

I'm... not going to say much about this comic, other than it took for god-awful forever, and that I'm not completely happy with it for a variety of nit-picky reasons. On the upside, it's done xD the shading thing seems to be here to stay; I messed it up with the less-thick lines in this page, but now that I seem to know what I'm doing, I think it'll be more consistent in the future.

Thanks for your continued awesomeness, everyone : )
see, I can't do it in color yet, 'cause there's a point to the whole black and white thing : p but we'll get to the color eventually!
If you hate doing black and white, you could do it in color....

Nice page! The darker colors make it look more intense and dramatic.
@sarall: Thanks!! I never thought of it that way O__o but I see what you mean... and your description sounds a lot better than me going "uh... I messed up" xDD

@Captain Ghost: Sorry to keep you waiting so long; it wasn't intentional, I swear ^__^;; (and thanks : D)

@Imi: Thank you : D I'm glad you said that about your monitor; I think mine makes things look darker than they really are, but I don't want to mess with the settings 'cause I'm scared to make it worse xD

@SuperBiasedMan: Thanks so much : D I'm glad to have you on board!

@Devi: "not exceptional", hmm? You do realize that I see that as a challenge, right? xDD And thanks; I really should have added an extra panel in the middle to make the dialogue less jumpy, but I was already too far into the drawing when I realized my mistake >__>;; I should be more careful...

*cough* Ehm. *takes her pinky off the shift button* xD

I agree with everyone on the shading - the new style, while definitely darker than the old one, yes, is a nice touch; I feel like it puts more color to the panel without actually putting color in. :)

Also, I found the dialogue to flow very well - not exceptional, no, but very natural (which is how it should be). I wouldn't call it crappy at all. xD

I like Bea's character so much. <3

You are amazing. :)
This comic is awesome, I like your concept and I'm interested to see where you go with it.

You got a fan!
Wow, that expression in the last panel is there is incredibly dramatic. O_O
Yay, page~! I, too, am actually really fond of this shading. I don't think it looks too dark at all, and this from someone who's monitor appears to cast everything in shadow.

I like the expressions, too, and think this is an overall better look for the comic. So if you're happy with it, I say roll with it!
so excited to see this back in action :D

I kinda like the shading, actually @w@~
I'm really, really fond of the new shading. >w< It gives it a newspapery kind of feel, you know? Like you shaded it with pencils on newsprint, then smeared it to make the shading smooth.

I REALLY LIKE IT. <3 And I'm excited to see more!! :D