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Caffeinated fun. Everything gets better with caffeine.

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I am looking forward to reading this paper in detail. ,
For information on relevant state laws, consult an attorney. ,
Whups. I must have linked to the "Latest Comic" ages ago & forgot about the news. I really enjoyed Pure Caffeine. Thanks a lot for all the hard work & good times :)
YDPyaU Hello
I am Russo
YDPyaU Hello
I am Russo
actually Dereck
Yeah, we pretty much closed up shop. It's in the news post on the front page. If it means anything to anyone: I'd still like to make more comics. When I have a website setup for the projects I take on I'll post it here as news incase anyone likes my work.
Happy one year with no update anniversary :P
ahaha, i love it :P
Harlan (Guest)
October 4th, 2007
Easily my most favorite comic!
Clearly, someone doesn't watch enough porn...
Hot 'n' Ready over my crotch.
i cracked up at this
My favourite comic in a while. Hilarious. Thanks!
You can totally photograph me touching myself... you can watch.. don't touch though.
Ha this ones my favourite
Absolutely hilarious!
We need dice like that. :D
Laser eyes ftw! :D