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It's a comic about my favorite SONIC character, Shadow the Hedgehog, having a lot of adventures

Recent Comments

oh,COME ON eggman! I so wanted a ''PWNED!" picture!
I just read through the whole thing.

I thought Shadow hated G.U.N.
sorry for the late update
i actually made this a while ago, didn't post till now
because currently he has no emeralds
so his chaos control can't go far distances
Captain John
December 8th, 2009
WOOT! shadow fav
and heeeeeeeeeeere's shadow!
it'll take him a while to catch up to sonic and the gang but i just wanted him to appear
November 26th, 2009
Epic fight scene!
WOOT i updatez, for my 2nd ever sj comic

hope you like it shadow will appear soon
i told you i'll restart

hopefully this motivates me to update more