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September 29th, 2010
<small><strike> hiatus will be a bit longer... (A lot longer actually) "OTL

I'm sorry ;A; I have a lot of thing to do right now, (like schoolwork @A@ ) so the comic won't be uploaded for a while.

I'm sorry guys ;A; but I promise I won't forget about it! ;u; I have the first chapter all written out! ...but that's from a year ago... /epicfail
April 8th, 2010
EDIT 2011 MAY -
All explained here ->

<strike>"OTL I'm very sorry guys! ;A; I've been so sucked up into the South Park fandom...South Park gaiety makes me so happy... ;w;

But I really want to do YMTO! I have the story down to the 2nd chapter...but I've been trying to finish my entry for an awesome South Park contest and another cool plant contest thingy on dA *0* <3 ...I'm a procrastinator...

But I've gotten so much better in my art! (there's none of my new art on smackjeeves though...sorry OTL )
I've got the fandom of South Park to thank for that... ;3; <3 ...of course now when I look back at all my comics my old art makes me want to puke... >w<;;

But anyways...hiatus I guess...just until the contests are over (around late May or early June?) ...forgive me ;A;

<edit> actually I have to do some art I promised for some people "OTL After that I'll do my best to upload...sorry guys ;A; </edit>

Thank you for all the comments and stuff! I'm sorry I couldn't make the "100 fan" thing better "OTL ...but 100 fans from this old crappy comic? You guys make me so happy~ ;w; <3 <3 Thank you all so much~
aww this is cute 83
if your so obsessed with southpark make a southpark comic XD
March 4th, 2010
that book was AMAZIN D8
T^T Ah, South Park... I totally feel your pain.
January 17th, 2010
I was looking through my folders and I found this....I did the lineart 2 months ago...did i just...forget about my own comic? ;A; *ifail* OTL

I'm sorry, I've been really into South Park lately... forgive me...but look how much better this page is compared to the rest... ;w; *shot*

I'll try to update something more recent soon...not next week though..I have alot to do then... ;w;
...but I'm still reaaallly obessed with South Park, so.... updates will be really slow... *hides* I'm sorry! @A@;

Thanks so much, I love you all~ ;u;
November 9th, 2009
I am really loving this comic, it's really good!
August 25th, 2009
love this comic already! ^^b must +fav~
August 25th, 2009
What are you talking about? xD Your drawing is pretty and unique and certainly a lot better than most <3 though improving is always good, don't beat yourself up over it...

I love this page XD
August 24th, 2009
Hehe, unhappy Kandice is indeed a scary person. Love the style and class outbursts x3
August 24th, 2009
Wow! I go away for a while and find I have over 40 fans already! *w* I love you guys! >w< <3

Anyways sorry for the late update! I've been drawing lots of South Park lately and watching alot of Soul Eater... Then there's "South Eater"...=w= lol look it up on youtube (it's awesome! ^o^ )

Oh! and I changed the layout! Tell me what you guys think! feedback is always nice! ^w^
August 1st, 2009
this looks great so far
:D -fav-
aww he looks adorable ^w^
*faves* I like the colors, very soft~
August 1st, 2009
...I'm happier with this page than the last, but it's still pretty messy... o_o;

I think I'll redo and replace the "cover" sometime this month... (needs better coloring...) but not next week since I'm going to take oil painting classes then... isuckatpainting>o<

Well anyways thanks for reading! you peoples make me so happy! >w<
I hate this page ;^;

I drew it a few weeks ago at 3 in the morning, and toned it recently... The toning is horrible! and the drawing even more so... but I have to update right?
I'll try to make the next page better ;o;

-Oh yeah, I'm going to try to reply to comments from now on, I have to be less lazy! >.<
July 20th, 2009


course i cant see u so idk if u got a tail or two heads, that would mean u have somthing wrong with you..

but you SEEM normal.
darkness... Don't worry the atmosphere will change in the next page... C: It really doesn't make any sense now, but it should soon...

The main character's just...overdramatic...
ah ukes... =w=

This page looks like the best toning I've ever done so far though... and I didn't even try as hard as I do in SS... What's wrong with me?! >_<;
This page is very sketchy... I need to outline better...

Anyways! My comics won't update that often for a few weeks, I have evil summer homework to do ;0;
I'll try my best though C:

Edit: coloring done with 's PS texture marker brush
June 24th, 2009
I know I shouldn't be starting a new comic, but Sparrow's Song can wait. I want to do something where I'm just updating and not worrying too much about my art. C:

So this cover isn't shaded, it makes it easier for me. The comic itself will be shaded, but not with as much effort as I put into my other one. ^w^