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City Folk

Tired of a dull life in the wilderness of British Columbia, a beaver named Foster and a moose called Mel make the trip of a lifetime; into the heart of the city. This is their story.

Currently we are running The Phil, a webcomic about Stanley Cup winning NHL superstar Phil Kessel.

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These shirts suck. Don't look for them in the store.
April 9th, 2017
@Amalockh1: I'm planning on making The Phil body pillows ;)
April 8th, 2017
The Phil is so cute.
I want to hug him.
This discussion came up on the Penguin subreddit the other day and we thought it would be funny to throw a few more ideas out there for him to choose from.
From tonight's riveting game against the Blackhawks.
@Arron: We'll be going forever probably. Thanks!
Never stop
Please keep this going, it makes my week.
While rummaging through my old box of artwork I stumbled upon this old gem. My original, original New Hope comic page!

This was one of the first Star Wars strips I ever drew and eventually led to the New Hope series.
@Flower29Bloom: Good idea, he sure is loved. Would have been bitter sweet to see him go.
Flower stays!
@ryank_119: Still a Penguin! Maybe a comic to celebrate his relief XD
I'm referring to Fleury. Fleury needs a hug.

As I am typing this (February 27) Fleury is still a Penguin, but that could very well change in the next two days.
@Sike: Sike! Nice to see your name again! Yeah I'm back on here. Wordpress had way too many bugs and Smack Jeeves is just so much easier. I'll be posting here indefinitely :)
Oh hey this is back? I haven't checked my favorites in quite awhile so I didn't even notice! Personal issues have kept me from keeping up with comics not on this host, so I'm some years behind, looks like I have a lot of catching up to do! I remember commenting and reading these all the time so it'll be nice to have it back on my regular schedule. Can't wait to read what I've been missing!
@ryank_119: So he ended up getting 3 points in the game.
Sid can hit 1000 points tonight against the Winnipeg Jets! Can he do it? Or will he put it off for another 20 games?
February 11th, 2017
@ryank_119: It's officially in the store! But don't buy it unless you really want it. Pretty lazy design by me, haha.
February 11th, 2017
@Brayden: Haha, I'll look into it.
Brayden (Guest)
February 11th, 2017
@ryank_119: The one Phil is wearing, haha although weinered would make a good shirt too!
February 11th, 2017
@Brayden: The one Phil is wearing? Or a shirt of "weinered"? haha
Brayden (Guest)
February 11th, 2017
Please tell me this is a actual shirt, and you're selling it.