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The lives of a geek and a nerd - these things really happened.
We hit nothing but books!

Updates mostly on Sundays and Wednesdays nowadays.
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12 Months Ago
The lives of a geek and a nerd - these things really happened.
We hit nothing but books!

Updates mostly on Sundays and Wednesdays nowadays.

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October 17th, 2018
There's no good way to begin writing this, so here goes: the short story is that the both of us have outgrown Nerdalert, and that is basically why we stopped posting comics. But as you can see above, I (and my co-writer too) am still a nerd, and even though times are rough for creators we haven't stopped creating.

If you want to check up on us, see what we're up to nowadays, social media is good for that sort of thing:

My co-writer on twitter and instagram
Me on on twitter and instagram and tumblr
The logic is that there IS NO logic!
Right, just don't tell Mr. Spock, and we'll be good.
I know Finland exist (because of hetalia) and I don't hate Finland or the Finnish.
That seems more fun.
January 12th, 2015
Happy six year anniversary!
Ahem. As you may have noticed from this, uh, six month unannounced hiatus, the future of NERDALERT! the webcomic is somewhat uncertain.

We will get back to you as soon as we know something for sure, and we'll try not to go another six month without so much as a hello.

So... Might I interest you in another webcomic I just started?

It's about coffee smugglers and supernatural humanoids.
May 29th, 2014
@Loanndra: thanks! I don't think I'm cut out for animating, though. I'm too easily distracted.
May 28th, 2014
You should try animating in that style, lovely scribbles! :D
May 28th, 2014
This is only a filler
The actual comic is posted on our wordpress blog, as the size/format wouldn't fit on smackjeeves
Go forth:

So. My thesis is finished, handed in, and approved. All studies are finished for this spring, and soon I will be out and about and away. This means I will not update probably before September (I might try to come up with something late August, but I believe I will be pretty swamped then).

I hope you all have a great summer, and thank you for sticking with this silly webcomic yet another year :)
Sorry for the long absence! Finishing my thesis, travelling, national holidays and other circumstances have provided ample excuses for me not to update. Next week I'll be in Germany, so no go there either.

Hopefully I'll have something for you the week after that before the summer holidays, which is always a bad time for updates, as long time readers surely know :)
it's the small joys in life, isn't it?
Sorry for not updating yesterday. I made the comic and all, but... I just forgot to upload it. Derp.
March 19th, 2014
After this marathon I have concluded that the fourth movie is not half as bad as the second. No one let George Lucas do anything without supervision. I mean it.

I'm sorry for not updating last week - the week before that there was a small blog update, but last week I just... failed, I guess.

Well, there's an update now. And let me tell you, I'm dang proud of that pun!
@Persephone: SO JEALOUS - though I have to watch War of the Worlds for a course, I guess I'm pretty lucky :P
I think I saw that one in the library. I was quite disappointed when I realised I was mis-reading the title.

I was much happier with my current module. We finished The Hobbit (Book), Lord of the Rings (Movies), Star Wars, and we're talking about Star Trek tomorrow.
there are sometimes small nuggets of gold buried deep in boring academic texts
All in all, my day could have been way worse.
@MecanicalCH: *shuffles feet and blushes furiously* Thank you, you sweetheart!
@Shandr: that only means you have a huge heart! :)
thesis eating my brain right now
It's very stressful, my anger levels rise quite easily when I read about oppression, who knew?