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Mobian Chaos

Mobian Chaos: A logic puzzle that's better off unsolved.


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February 15th, 2019
@JovanW: Thanks for the (early) birthday wishes! Yep...another year has gone by. I didn't realize you and I shared birthdays!
February 15th, 2019
Since I heard that 2/20 is your birthday and it’s a bit around the corner, I just want to say happy birthday STP! But I don’t want to surprise you here because 2/20 is also my birthday.
January 25th, 2019
And it’s back to lava :V
January 18th, 2019
It’s a longer way down.
November 30th, 2018
Walking on the ceiling is generally a challenge.
kitcake (Guest)
November 29th, 2018
ive just realised how long this zone is
November 11th, 2018
@JovanW: This comic takes place in the zones of the Genesis-era game Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Some zone's backgrounds were taken straight from the original level layouts, and others were constructed using sprite kits. But even when I used direct-rip backgrounds, I've often placed custom elements based on how I want to write individual pages.
November 9th, 2018
Great, now I need to play the game to know about this. This comic is taken from a game, right?
October 26th, 2018
Got a drop on.
October 12th, 2018
September 28th, 2018
To be fair, she did suggest it.
September 21st, 2018
Don’t ask, Tails.
September 14th, 2018
Where have she been??
September 3rd, 2018
@JovanW: Although I would certainly prefer people stay up-to-date with my comic, it's better that I have infrequent readers than none at all. Thank you for reaching out to let me know how you feel about my comic!
August 31st, 2018
A really good Sonic comic
I know I have said this before, but I want to say it again. This is good and decent, but I am just a little disappointed at myself. It does kind of seem like the heroes are more than halfway done with this, therefore I may have missed so much. If I could have noticed this much more sooner than today, not only I would’ve missed the updates, but I would’ve been around more longer. I just feel like I’m a little too late. ._. (I’m sorry if that annoyed you, but it’s not your fault at all. It’s just me and it bothers me)
August 17th, 2018
@JovanW: Thank you for taking the time to catch up with current comics, and for leaving a comment! It's been a little while since anyone's left me feedback.
August 17th, 2018
Finally caught up. I hope they will solve this puzzle eventually. I mean, dang, 13 years. I should've noticed and started reading this a long time ago as it was started when I was only 5. It's pretty good, but I have a feeling that they are getting just a little close to the end.
July 12th, 2018
Selectively Clever
That's literally me. I am selectively clever.
June 29th, 2018
Carrying capacity.
May 3rd, 2018
Happy anniversary! This comic is still pretty good even after 13 years.