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Pep Squad

the day to day struggles and activities of a group of teenage cheerleaders.


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For those that don't know what Cal Arts is, it's that art style that dominates Cartoon Network and Disney XD nowadays. (Steven Universe, Star vs The Forces Of Evil, Gravity Falls, etc.)
if you don't know what's being referenced in the last panel, don't do the research, you will be sorry.
Jessica goes back in time to the Daylight Savings comic.
Marissa's paranoia gets the best of her, again.
this of course is a reference to "The Tennis Challenge" finale episode.
I have no explanation for this one other than the fact that I was watching Jaws for the umpteenth time while writing it.
Karen is out for blood, Jessica is out
Good intentions go awry.
a little political commentary by Jessica.
The lovely Pep Squad girls doing a Final Fantasy theme this year.
This one was supposed to be posted back in February when the winter Olympics were going on but I just couldn't get it together in only 8 panels, so I decided to just make it a triple decker cartoon.
The Pep Squad girls take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that's sweeping the nation.
Lol. Who knew they needed rakes in the library?
Jessica's Bitstrips seem to be coming to eerie reality.
Dave Mire
March 31st, 2014
yes, it's one of Facebook's most annoying apps.
This one's been on the back burner for quite some time now.
The girls doing a Marvel Comics theme this year.
Yes, it's everyone's favorite internet personality of the year.
Cats are different in that they are patient, however.
Paranoia fuel right there, :D
I haven't featured the character Marissa in quite some time so, here she is.