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God's Story

by MoonLover
Just my little ol' version of God, Lucifer, etc how the world came to be.

[Status: Updates regularly, give or take.]
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6 Years Ago
Just my little ol' version of God, Lucifer, etc how the world came to be.

[Status: Updates regularly, give or take.]


Recent Comments

Why (Guest)
July 13th, 2019
This is actual gay rape but go off i guess.
Why? (Guest)
July 13th, 2019
God will never return
If there is a God he likely hates his creation.
Ripex (Guest)
June 13th, 2019
Just, why...?
Seriously, as a chrii myself, why the hell would anyone draw something like this?! You sir, need some serious mental help via psychiatrist, ASAP.
This is not what a mouth looks like...
HUH ?!
What the fuck am i looking at exactly ?
May 27th, 2018
What the fuck are these mouths
Anon (Guest)
January 8th, 2018
Seriously tho, what is this shit
September 9th, 2016
Wow Guys…
Uh, hey there everybody still on this.

Um, over the whole "rape controversy", I really don't see how complaining will make this page any better. This comic is old, and it's pretty unlikely that the original artist will change this page on here now just to appease some whiners.

I totally see where everyone is coming from, though. In society today, rape is a big deal, and everybody will have different oppinions on things such as this. But, like I said, complaints will NOT change ANYTHING.
fuckyou (Guest)
February 24th, 2015
@Mox the Sox:
"Its obvious in the comic that the boy really doesnt want to 'fight' per say. Its not rape if its willing."
The character is clearly disturbed by the other person. Also if he's willing, why the fuck would he be screaming? What the fuck do you even know about rape?
You are a terrible person.
Also, this comic is not well drawn in any sense of the word, the faces of every character are the same, yet always drawn inconsistently, it's full of cheap screentones and composed in a way that makes me vomit.
randude (Guest)
February 24th, 2015
As usual there's people in the comment section treating rape as if it's something sexy.
I wish you people would get raped so you would see how truly sexy it is.
What the hell is going on with their faces
May 21st, 2013
Sorry it took so long guys =3=
this is
January 15th, 2013
Hopefully this clears things up...
@Reiu Shanra:
This comic was started in 2009 - almost 4 years ago. Hence the god-awful horrible art. But you can't deny that I have improved steadily over time - look at the first chapter, then take a glance at the most recent chapter.

As for the rape thing, I was naive back then, I'd read a couple of bad yaoi comics that used rape as a plot device for romance so I thought, "Okay, this sounds great. I should do this, too except make it funny." It was insensitive and it was only between then and now, I was raped and realized that it was not a laughing matter at all. I can't even look at the pages without fighting the urge to throw up and going into a cold sweat. The amount of troll comments screaming at me over the whole rape issue hasn't helped either. If I could re-do the comic, and I possibly might for publishing, I would omit the rape scene.

As for religion, I'm not religious either but I've had a Christian best friend in my childhood (we're still friends now), she's read this comic and finds it absolutely hilarious. Again, it comes down to the person. There's been several other religious people who found it funny, others not so much. Which is perfectly okay! I know people are going to be offended, that's going to be a given, regarding the topics and such.

I happen to like yaoi, and yes, I thought it'd be a cool idea to make a comic about God and Satan. There's also a side story with punk version of Buddha having sex with a Chinese dragon if that tickles your fancy. That has sadism/masochism interwined into it.

Basically what I'm saying is I made the comic up along the way, and yes, as I made more pages, I guess I felt the need to grasp at more controversial topics. Why? Because I can. I want to shock people - grab their attention - good and bad.

I'm considering writing this story over again, possibly for publishing purposes. It's thanks to you and everyone else who commented that has pushed me to review my work. I might not omit everything that offends certain people because I can't please everyone.

I hope this helps.
@Reiu Shanra:

Uhm, I think I stumbled into an argument here. ^_^;; Let's see... First, I know both NatakuXeden (aka Tae) and the creator of this comic personally. I think some things need some clearing up (because frankly, I'm sick of hearing you and Tae go at it and seeing the creator feel like shit for all this drama.)

Okay, to clarify some things... Jason (that's the guy who created this) made this comic waaaaay back when he was starting out and one day thought "I should draw up a comic just to push myself." The theme is something that's done so much over and over again in media that it's really nothing new. EVERYONE and their mother has a perverted twist on Christianity. Let's face it - religion is something that will ALWAYS cause people to pay attention in some way. Like it or hate it, it even got YOU to read and comment... so he managed to get that right.

The next point I'd like to make is this: Tae is bias because he's DATING JASON. If someone got snippy and bitchy at someone YOU loved, you'd want to tear them apart. Provided that you are by no means the first one to be like that - or even the worst of them. Far from it, actually. Unfortunately, some jackass who seems to have a personal issue with Jason from years ago posted his comic all over a while back, going on about how terrible it is and making it out to be much worse than it is. So a lot of the traffic it gets nowadays is people being total assholes about it and aiming some really harsh (and usually untrue) criticism at the creator. I know Tae is sick of people telling his boyfriend things like "your art sucks you should kill yourself." So I get why he's defensive to the point of lashing out at people.

Another point I think should be brought up is that you should probably have a bit more of an open mind when reading things like this. Jason never shoved it in anyone's face saying "LOOK HOW GREAT I AM!!!" He simply posted it online to share with people IF THEY CHOSE TO READ IT. You don't HAVE to read it. With the billions of other things to do online, why take time to read several pages of something you hate? It seems pointless and it's basically like saying "I have no life, so I sit in front of a computer and spam comments for the LOLs." That's great for you, but really... what does that accomplish?

I'm taking time out of my night to reply to this because I'm sick of people causing drama by being impolite and bashing something they really don't even KNOW anything about. What you see on the screen isn't all there is to something. God forbid you remember that there's a real human being with feelings, hopes, dreams and goals - just like YOU are - on the other end of that screen. So let's stop being so harsh and maybe try being a bit more creative when you're slamming someone? Like, "I hate this BECAUSE.... (list ways to improve, things to add, etc.)" instead of just being another troll.

I really hope you can understand why I'm sending this. Maybe you can find time in your next message to actually say something NICE to Jason. Because seeing as you haven't had the chance to actually meet him like I have, you really don't know WHO it is that you're brainlessly bashing here. Maybe getting to KNOW someone (instead of just the slanderous crap other people have posted online) will help open your eyes a bit. I'm not saying that to be rude. I just sincerely think that if you actually got to know him, your opinion of him would change.

And let's face it - you haven't really been reviewing the comic at all. You've just been saying the same trash like the other trolls have and trying to get to him.

Well, if that was your goal, congrats? You got replies from both Tae and me. But... Jason's pretty much sitting here rolling his eyes and scolding me because I left the meatloaf I was cooking in a bit too long to explain all of this.

It's a faint, naive hope, but i guess I'm actually crazy enough to think, "hey, maybe there's actually a thinking, logical, REAL human being on the other end of this and maybe - just MAYBE - they have emotions and the brainpower to understand all this."

Thanks for reading.

- Triv
Jesus was a JEW.
@Reiu Shanra:
You're kidding, right? God DOES have a gay crush on Satan and Jesus totally IS a fag. Fuck,lady, go read the Bible.

Okay, in all seriousness... IT'S A FUCKING WORK OF FICTION for one. (Just like the Bible! LOL!) It's called "CREATIVITY" and last time I checked, this is the INTERNET. Bottom line is that if you get your panties in such a twist over something this simple, you need to either PUT ON YOUR BIG GIRL PANTIES AND GROW THE FUCK UP...or GET OFF THE FREAKIN' INTERNET because you're clearly too immature to handle it. trust me.Your brain might explode.

Also, since you clearly didn't actually look at ANY of the info except some butthurt trolling comment,I'll state this bit of detail just ONCE more (because you seem to be a bit SLOW.) #1 The artist has not touched this in forever. #2 he's improved in skill a LOT (that's what happens when you actually work your ass off and draw a 100+page comic, you dumbass.) And #3 he's sitting right next to me wondering why I'm even bothering telling you any of this because clearly you have SHIT FOR BRAINS and didn't understand anything you just read.

Congratulations. You're a speshool fucking snowflake.
July 17th, 2012
Oh mt gosh!!! Moonlover!!! Plz update soon!! Im begging u!!! The fact that most of ur project are left unfinished and u havent updated in six months drives me to the brink of insanity!! This story was the best thing ive ever read and i beg u to continue it!! Dont tell me u given up on it!!