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A Spriter's Mind

A Spriter's Mind was created on January 30th, 2009 by a user by the name of SuperMarioFan102096. He has long since killed himself with a blowdryer and a tub of chocolate, but we continue this comic in his memory.

Recent Comments

it was just a prank s.l please add us on discord
@Shadow Lugia: fucking add me on discord PLEASE
Did you guys know they did surgery on a grape
S.L. I miss u :c
oh my god

is that

john comment
March 25th, 2019
sent from my john Lugia
hi kevin
the fuck are you talking about
Any way you'd unhide your old comics? Would be nice to read them all again
@Shadow Lugia: ffs make up your mind
the matrix was a documentary
he will not divide us

sent from my Tesla
Supa died
the best plot asm will ever have
i started something i shouldnt have
It begins. More coming soon.

sent from my iPhone