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5 Years Ago
Five years ago, Sonic, Tails, and the gang were livng happily in their world. They would fight evil and still manage to keep peace and control to their lives.
When they go to save the world again a fatal accident caused a dimensional warp, putting them into world of chaos and destruction.

Its been five years and their pain is still not over even with the new powers they have discovered.
Will they bring peace and control to their lives once more? Or will they forever live in utter chaos.

Story by Solar
Written and Produced by UTH

Updates once a week (normally).
Cameos needed.

Recent Comments

Wow. Just re-read this entire thing.

Looking back... I really rushed a few important scenes. Just jumping from one action to the next.

And yet... I really miss this comic. My brother and I had so much planned for it.

I still remember all that we planned. Maybe a reboot might be a cool idea.
September 26th, 2012
September 26th, 2012
I halped a little!
I love the way Destructonatrix looks very powerful and Majestic when using his Powers. Especially thanks to the "Angry red" shade used for his Powers. It really does look like it's doing massive Damage to Sonic.
Desructron isn't a guy a lot of people would mess with.
I also like the Poses in the Comic, as they tell of Destructors Confidence, all straight-backed and his leg position makes him look Uncompromising.
Ok just got home. And it is. Fan-f***ing-tastic.
I'm really glad this comic's up and running again. It looks epic already!^_^
I can't see it cause i'm on teh school computer but I bet its fan-f***ing-tastic!
Glad to see this comic again.
Hey all!
long time no see.
anyway, recently moved into my new college dorm. so excited. this is a turing point of my life.

since i have a lot of free time on my hands during th days, i think i'll be able to get a comic in about once a week (so next week i might be updating trinity), sound good?

i'm pretty proud of how this page came out. we get some more fighting, some narration from tails, we also get some bickering between him and slait. its hard convincing anti-heroes to help out.
also, destructo's little attack there is basically his decunstruction ability. it causes things to- well, y'know- deconstruct, as well has absord energy. if sonic didnt warp out in time, he'd have been desintegrated.

so i'll see ya'll soon.
dont forget to rate, COMMENT(!!!), fav, and send in a cameo.
@Ultimate the Hedgehog: Glad to hear that mate. Also, I was wondering if I can PM u an application for Haunted house
@Frost The Wolf: been busy. will resume soon though.
Awesome work man. Keep it up cause I like where this is going
the banner has gone missin o.o
Shit you've gotten better since I last saw your comics ult
Lovely cover page^^
Finally, i'm all caught up with my chapter covers. next update will be a real one.

the next chapter will also have a cover with real effort put into it.

see ya'll later.

PS: if you still havent read the news, read it.
@Mist the Moonhunter: nope. thats how the sprite is.
@Royle McCulloch: really? i didnt notice. hm, i'll role with that.

Bro... Bro...
I think his pupils fell onto his muzzle.