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Anything about nothing

A collection of comics and cartoons about anything and nothing


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Shinyhoundoom229, this is all your fault!
Is that......Terry Crews?
so true
your cat is pure evil (no offense) but he's so true
Retro (Guest)
January 16th, 2017
This was a Garfield comic.
Alternatively, he was a smash hit in the sky diving business.
Eh, the thing's young still. It'll heal.
oh dude this is exactly how i feel
@Emojikitten: In the middle east, or other non-american desrty areas
I told him to knock it off but he took it too literally.
hyuck hyuck hyuck
This was posted on a pet loss site. We had to send my rock of 14 years on ahead 12-19-2015. My big black gentle giant. I miss her so much even though I have adopted a rescue dog, nothing will ever completely fill the hole in my soul left by my Queen. This story hit home and brought me to tears again as I relived that terrible day when part of me left with her. We love you my sweet girl forever and always
And when would you come across a genie?
January 7th, 2017
Ha! Love the Zombieland reference
Things you should never wish for from genies.
1. I wish everything I said would come true!
2. I wish for infinite wishes!
3. I wish I was in (insert deadly tv show here)
3. Rabbits
Nope that's not happening to me.
January 2nd, 2017
ughhhh, can I not?
As much as I love deep-sea creatures this blob is not kissable to me. xD