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Comment on Multipurpose
kangel, 22 Aug 2016 04:12 am
@NekoPuppyStar: still have the comics to read for free on good old internet ;D
Comment on Multipurpose
NekoPuppyStar, 21 Aug 2016 07:31 pm
I hate that i don't have any money to buy this stuff >:(
Comment on Multipurpose
kangel, 21 Aug 2016 04:37 pm
@april_plus_june: combine them both for ultimate power
Comment on Multipurpose
april_plus_june, 21 Aug 2016 03:47 pm
I dont know what I want more, a book fort or a cat pile!
Comment on Twilight - a question about age
OmegaGeguz, 20 Aug 2016 06:43 pm
@Potterhead: #ISolemleySwearHarryPotterIsLife
Comment on Anty's big adventure!
OmegaGeguz, 20 Aug 2016 06:35 pm
Little cat in the corner saying "Only you can see me"
Comment on Nice Things
Muddy Mudkip, 20 Aug 2016 05:51 pm
@BowtheSylveon: It's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment on Kickstarter !
kangel, 20 Aug 2016 02:21 pm
@SomiJuli: haha, that's like my life (sometimes..)
Comment on Kickstarter !
SomiJuli, 20 Aug 2016 01:32 pm
Bwahahha! The last 2 panels got me good. I tried sharing it without ppl around me and apparently they don't have my type of humor..
Comment on Matter of perspective
oldtaku (Guest), 20 Aug 2016 02:23 am
Ah, genetic defects
Poor Persians and Pugs, bred to be so genetically defective they *can't even breathe properly* - just so middle aged ladies can fawn over how helpless they are.


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