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Anything about nothing

A collection of comics and cartoons about anything and nothing


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And this is why
I don't want children
Blllep.....blllllleeeeepp....bllllleeeeeeppppppp! That tongue is the real magic here folks.
Kangel, you make the most hilarious faces. Personal favorite of The Unicorn, ಠ益ಠ. Thank you for sharing! ^w^
@JupiterJones: strawberry sauce lol (allegedly)
@Herala12: but toothless isn't there in that panel...
Macy has blood on her ice cream.
How could you do this to me?
Here I am just having a good time and enjoying myself when your unicorn reminds me of a hilarious comic I saw years ago in middle school!
I must find and read it but I dont remember who did it... :'(
i think...that is my new favourite picture of a unicorn. E.V.E.R.
magical tongue powers there...
@SomiJuli: *nibble nibble* ... it probably has fleas
@Koren: oh yea :o
Oh my god! What is it trying to do with it's arm skin!? Lol
February 2nd, 2017
Unicorn Butt :P.
I, for one, would be very pleased to see more of Macy and her unicorn in the future. That is, without a doubt, the best unicorn I've ever seen. I now ACTIVELY DISLIKE ALL OTHER UNICORNS. They are dead to me.
What a lovely story.
A short story teaching the importance of the rule that the Devil can only be traded your own soul.
What is that...
I don't even...
Suggestion: At some point we meet the unicorn's cousin, who is this majestic properly horse-shaped thing but with a really nubby horn.

... you know you want to.
The bubbles have a face, too...
@Chasyn: It is known mostly as 'The Unicorn', though sometimes it's called 'What the hell is that??' or 'Please stop peeing on my carpet, how is so much coming out? It doesn't seem possible'.