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Anything about nothing

Anything about nothing

by kangel
A collection of comics and cartoons about anything and nothing
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Anything about nothing

A collection of comics and cartoons about anything and nothing


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@Azazel: Honestly, if you knew the person playing him, this would not come as a surprise XD
You have to ask, was he carrying that? and if so, for what reason? for THIS reason??...
April 23rd, 2018
sigh.. are you kidding me... I opened up my computer to this page.. in front of my entire classroom. good god
Bring on more DnD comics! :D I miss playing it...
@SincPlays: Ultimate adventuring item
@Zhangsun: he told us several times that was exactly what he wanted to look like XD
you see, THIS is why i always get a 10-foot pole. without fail.
Good to see the female Gremlin from Gremlins 2 has been able to find work.
You should totally do it! From personnel experience DnD causes the funniest stuff
Of course it failed! Those shoes don't go with that outfit at all.
Been playin' some Dungeons and Dragons.
(If you're wondering, the plan didn't work. No one expected it to)
Maybe I'll have more of these.
The best way to conquer salt in Overwatch is with some Toxicity Cleanserâ„¢. Stay extremely extremely positive, give good call-outs, and try and ignore the hate. Prove them wrong with a 3-kill riptire!
Yeah, it's great talking about overlapping interests with friends but fandoms seem to be mostly non-existent or mean so I mostly don't bother.
@Nashew: That's exactly it
Awww. Don't pay attention that fandom <s>don't feed the trolls</s>. Just enjoy your thing.
Worked for me.
Just make sure not to play Junkrat in ranked mode because then you're not being a team player and people will report you and Blizzard will ban you for not "being a good person".

Even though their ranking system is set up to reward playing exclusively one hero, preferably an underplayed one.

Overwatch is going to implode on its dumb decisionmaking soon enough.
Ah. This is why I do not go to tumblr anymore, except on select few blogs I have in my RSS. So many people trying to control what others are allowed to enjoy (and how).

(Aaand this is why I do not play PvP games in general.)
This is why I can't play Undertale
Yeah, I remembered that I actually kinda liked the show Ultimate Spiderman, and people were trashing it because it wasn't serious enough and didn't follow the comics and I liked it the way it was.

You don't like this thing? HOW DARE YOU