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Comment on Good Boy
Nerva (Guest), 06 Feb 2016 10:00 am
ugh im crying

this reminds me of when my old black cat died. We didnt put him down, but.. we spent all of our time with him when we knew it was time for him to go. i went upstairs when he was in the laundry basket. he couldnt even get down to pee in the cat box, so he peed in there. i didnt care. i pet him and then suddenly he was gone. this happened in 2015, but it still hurts.
Comment on Prioritise Privacy
@pr1L, 04 Feb 2016 08:54 pm
Yep, and it's still showing in 2016. I often watch it and then wish I didn't.
Comment on Good Boy
N/A (Guest), 02 Feb 2016 04:17 am
@Cupcake 132: Why would you think in any situation especially this one a comment like that should be necessary...
Comment on In the Name
cat2003 (Guest), 01 Feb 2016 08:08 pm
You are my favorite comic artist EVER!!! I am a huge fan of yours. My friends and I love the Hunger Games Summary (silly poor people) (How do we fix this problem? Something involving killing kids?), and all of your Pokemon ones!!!! I didn't want to comment on your most recent one, because that would just taint the memory of your dog(;-;), but I just wanted you to know that I love, love, love your comics!
Keep up the great work!
Comment on Good Boy
Julian Blair (Guest), 01 Feb 2016 06:09 pm
I loved it so much. It got really sad and I had to skip a little bit though
Comment on Good Boy
meecherTV (Guest), 31 Jan 2016 02:00 pm
I'm not crying often... but f*ck.... This got me so hard. My dog is only 3 years old but I totally can imagine that feelings from the comic... This is one of the sadest comics ever.
Comment on Good Boy
Cupcake 132 (Guest), 30 Jan 2016 12:01 pm
Reply if your reading in 2016, and you think this is sad!!!
Comment on A sad truth....
Cupcake 173 (Guest), 30 Jan 2016 11:59 am
OK, a little rude, but funny!!
Comment on My good side
Erhannis (Guest), 26 Jan 2016 08:04 pm
@kangel: Your edit...there's a story there, and I really want to know what it is.
Comment on Unappreciated
Erhannis (Guest), 25 Jan 2016 10:26 pm
Yeah...I remember when I was much younger, my younger brother or sister went into my parents' room with a shirt full of coins and shook them all over the place. My parents thought it was hilarious. When *I* then did it, though, I got scolded. I thought it was terribly unfair. :P


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