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Random little ideas from Mach and Martin Prower. No update shedule

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January 3rd, 2012
You REALLY dont want to know what was on those cards. MP found out to his cost.

So finally I sprite something for the first time in months. Could be the last thing in a while. From tomorrow, I am working a 7 day week every week until the end of Febuary. Finally got a full time job but so far its only a temporary contract. And as I refuse to give up my part time job until I have something permenant (Cars arnt cheap to run) its going to be a busy 2 months.

Everyone have a good new year? I have since made 4 resolutions. One of them is to make a start on my next proper comic. And by start, I mean publish. If its any help, I made 4 resolutions last year and 3 of them eventually happened. So 75% chance then! Anyone else made any New Year resolutions?

Indeed, this strip is a somewhat test for it. In particular the background, but other things as well.
@Kirbysmith [DJ]: I am interested indeed...all ears in fact. Feel free to PM
In case anybody's interested, I have an idea that's loosely based off of ADP, and it's NOT a ripoff! It was scrapped because I can't shade slime for my life.
This was a test strip for the comic I was GOING to do. Made 11th June apparently. The idea? In case it wasnt guessed from other side jokes, was that I, Mach, was going to end up as a girl and had to get used to it. The comic was going to be called "Morning After". It was inspired by the comic Different Perspective but differed in that it would pose the issue of what would happen if you or me had their gender swapped, instead of a Sonic character. The "difficulties" faced would vary - yes there would be no Eggman trying to steal your trade secrets but it was going to be tackling more serious, realistic issues that an "average" person would have plus have its own twists.

It got shelved when Different Perspective then went down the more serious route itself, after originally implying that it wouldnt, and would stick to Sonic style issues and essentially made this comic redundant. Releasing it would then just look like a ripoff. Bottom line is that its my fault - I took far too long scripting and trying to make a new spritesheet, plus had to rewrite everything from scratch when I had a hard drive failure.

As for my extended absence, Ive no real excuse. Just...cant be done with spriting, really.
Alternate title I fail at blocking Machs view
Oh god, I have that happened to me when I was working as a cashier in my place. I don't know anything about paint either!
So what makes you think I do?

Seriously, this is what happened. If we dont know the size of your room, we have no idea how much paint or wallpaper you need! And there is NO such thing as an "average room" - whats average to you, may not be to me...

Recently, a discount store opened up about two doors down. Since then, we have all had a rise in the number of silly questions. Sometimes I wonder if we serve people or vegetables. Indeed, this isnt the worst question we have had...

Anyways, I used this as an excuse to sprite, seeing as I havent done anything for over 2 months. Also tried playing about with the eyes, with...mixed results. Feel free to critique.

And no, Im still no closer to a new comic. Plus I'm now involved in some other projects too. But I may just self impose a deadline to start a new comic, if only to stop faffing about and to start focusing (depending on overtime).

Until then, SILVERSTONE!!! So Ill be away for a week watching the F1 Britsh Grand Prix =D
Forgot to mention this...
Thanks for Doom!
Great scott! let's hope he doesn't get in too much trouble.
This sorta happened over msn today. Slightly different words but still, he said it hurt, not me!

Gave a chance to test the "newer" sprites. Still have a long way to go though
Aw, the classics!
If anyone doesn't get this, door's that way
December 10th, 2010
great did mach stepted in tails broken machine that turned tails into a girl?

(anyone know what comic im talking about?)
Mach has the breasts.

Oh my.
...You most certainly DO make kitty scared...
Ahh... "Fucking" hot dog. As in, wiener used for fucking. Took me a second read.
Is it bad that, though American, I understood ALL of this?
Ghost (Guest)
September 15th, 2010
ah, for the lols, of course