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Four Kingdoms, Leraz-Zreall-Gill-Markamer, created a bond of trust and with the help of fairies of Kingdom Leraz called upon Mirror X. This gave way to a magical pathway, connecting the kingdoms together. This pathway was once lost, but found again by the youngest prince of Leraz (and his friends). They plan to find out more about Mirror X, but stumble upon "dark" secrets from the previous generation.

The oldest prince, Flan, travels to kingdom Gill in order to find a cure for Tatakey, his spirit. Due to an accident, Tatakey has fallen into the fountain of Youth. Since then, he has symptoms of getting smaller and smaller. Mizz, the spirit of the youngest prince, gave Flan advice about getting the help of a medicine woman in order to return Tatakey's original form.
They have been warned that the medicine woman loves her herbs and should not be angered. Unfortunately, fate seems to drag them into a more complicated situation. A man, who seeks the medicine woman for help, is furious at hearing the task he must fulfill in exchange for his medicine. He then provokes Flan's horse into trampling the precious herbs outside her house. Will she still help Flan after witnessing this!?


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October 13th, 2010
This concludes Act 5. The medicine woman agreed to help Flan, just as Mizz had foreseen. But did Mizz really mess up with the information; could this really be the one who will be able to help them?

Next Act, Swiss explores mirror X of Kingdom Leraz.
Tatakey is really worried about Flan's safety. As the Black Spiders just attacked Swiss recently, he has been on alert since then.
December 12th, 2009
Flan was sidetracked by Lynn, due to her injury. But once he heard Rose, he started expressing his dislike of the man who caused him trouble: a man he didn't even know.
Haha, Flan is confused. Did Mizz mess up with the information he gave Flan or is it something else...
... *heart*
Another bulk update
haha, don't know what came over me. Maybe it's the lichee's I bought today...

But here another page of TKTR. For the people who don't know TKTR, the upload of Act 1-4 is now complete. Now you can get reading the whole story before Act 5.

*dead tired* Going on hibernation...
*End update*
Mizz sets his feet in the dining chamber with a dark look on his face. What is he trying to tell Flan!?
Another bulk update with 6 pages of TKTR. In some pages i tried adjusting some dialogues to make the conversation more understandable.
I still get the feeling that the explanation still lacks... *Ugh*
Eat fish!
Eat fish! It's good for your memory (and good to throw with HAR~ HAR~)
Of issue 3 I had the most fun with this page. It's Mizz, my fave character. I like him so much that I had to tease him.
I wasn't satisfied with the outcome of Tatakey's face so I changed it in this update.
Ha~ He looks a bit more handsome now ^_^
Harry Potter had a huge influence on this part...
Now that I look back at it, the Mirror's supposed to be legendary...thus bigger.
Suddenly Flan collapses, and Tatakey is there for a helping hand. If not, I would have given Flan a bleeding nose... or maybe not. When someone feels weak he should be on guard to fall less painfully I think.
Tatakey may be small, but his senses has never failed him, not even in this form. His guard against the medicine woman is due to an incident that happened in the past, some years ago, when Flan (and the castle) was attacked by a group of assassins.
Yay! Color...
This cover was drawn in dec 2007. It has been two issues of TKTR already and I wanted to try another hairstyle of Gazell, hence the cover.
Don't mind the background...I suck at backgrounds....or rather I'm lazy
Swiss Eyes ....
I started drawing these pages at Fall 2006. Haa~ That was long ago. Some of the characters look deformed and poorly drawn. Act 05 shows the art of 2009, so maybe I've improved a little... *sweatdrop*
That's what I'd like to think.

Oh, I took the liberty of adjusting some panels of Act 01-04. Not much though.

I started this webcomic with Act 05, but taken some wrong actions to edit my page...which ruined the order of my comic pages.
Now I have to reupload them. While I'm at that, I thought:" Why not upload act 01-04 too?"

I didn't plan to upload them since I published them under the Dojinshi Circle Tea Leaf. But I discontinued the comic and started with another comic [Minna]. So..."Oh Heck" just upload them!

I would like to thank the people who bought the earlier issues of TKTR before. *BOWS*