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Just some random storyline that I thought was to make for a Sprite comic

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January 8th, 2014
Let's see if this is working...
"zappty zap zap" what is this ed edd and eddy
December 23rd, 2008
Zappity zap zap.
Well I got bored and since this is probably one of my longer running comics I figured I should continue it. Well, here it is.
Hey there Kaizer long time no see.
Wow Hey Joe. I'm glad to see 2 people still like this comic.
Meh I needed to get back to these things sooner or later and I chose sooner =3
Random crystal guy!
Meh, not much else other than a plot movement and the use of this old background I used in the original version of Pixel Quest. anyways I know not much of you are reading this, but I updated ^^
^^; Yeah, though in this case you know what the boss is up to right now.
yay update!
and thats how boss's usually are. When you dont need them theyre just annoying you to the line of insanity and when needed they disappear.
March 22nd, 2008
But isn't that the bad guy?
Yeah, Core is quick to agree just because he wants his sword back that baddly. anyways Hope you all enjoy.
March 21st, 2008
Worried more about a sword...
Nothing much to say other than than I was bored, and needed to update. Well later
March 20th, 2008
Hehe! Thats good humor XD
February 26th, 2008
I'd hug him and luv him and cuddle him for he is EBIL =D
Slash Segary
February 26th, 2008
Basically all this was about was the "getting rid" of the "Demonic power" in Itchigo and for the big Bleach fans I'm sure you all know what the "Demonic power" really is, but for those of you that don't know then I will not spoil it.

For the 4th pannel It would have been blank so I placed something there funny or not it was something.