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So; A centaurian bouncer, a tomboy sheep, a bearded human, a squishy thing, a transgender ghost, and a dog with big boobs walk into a bar. The bouncer walks up to the bar, and orders a drink. The manager chides him and the others on being late to work, and then some sort of punchline occurs.
I dunno. I'm working on it.

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Comment on How To: Give A Gift
Syogren, 04 Mar 2015 02:01 pm
and here I thought it had just gotten torn off in the fight. No Vas, no.
Comment on How To: Give A Gift
Kelkar Storm-Bringer, 03 Mar 2015 08:05 am
dun dun dun
Comment on How To: Give A Gift
Sapar, 02 Mar 2015 02:38 pm
@Exerkol: Better, stronger, and faster? *shot*
Comment on How To: Give A Gift
Exerkol, 02 Mar 2015 08:37 am
if you plant it
you'll grow a whole new vas
a better vas
Comment on How To: Give A Gift
TurboTMoses, 02 Mar 2015 03:20 am
Whole new meaning to giving someone your body.
Comment on How To: Give A Gift
Jordan (Guest), 02 Mar 2015 02:18 am
Eh, give him a POTION, it'll be fine
Comment on How To: Give A Gift
Whip the Rabbit, 01 Mar 2015 07:50 pm
You know, sometimes I forget that he's a hulking mutant from a culturally close-off species with little social experience to speak of.
Then he rips off his claw and I remember very quickly. c: ;;
It's okay Vas, I'm sure the knowledge that your mutilated claw will grow back pleases Shelia. c:
Comment on How To: Give A Gift
Dregan, 01 Mar 2015 07:34 pm
Well that's not creepy at all Vas. Nope.
Comment on Honeymoon Sailing
Exerkol, 27 Feb 2015 05:04 pm
I ship it.
I ship this sinking ship.
Comment on Honeymoon Sailing
Ren Fowl, 24 Feb 2015 08:14 am
@Syogren Nocturns don't have feelings.


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