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by KimBoCruicky
Kaillie Taylor leads a peaceful life in the remote hills of Scotland. However, in her line of work, every peaceful existence will eventually shatter!
Kaille is also 5.2, an elite agent for Her Majesty's Secret Police, and now, a national emergency has called her back into service. Teamed up with the mysterious decoy, Lock, they must put their insecurities aside to fight an enemy which grows more dangerous by the day.
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9 Years Ago
Kaillie Taylor leads a peaceful life in the remote hills of Scotland. However, in her line of work, every peaceful existence will eventually shatter!
Kaille is also 5.2, an elite agent for Her Majesty's Secret Police, and now, a national emergency has called her back into service. Teamed up with the mysterious decoy, Lock, they must put their insecurities aside to fight an enemy which grows more dangerous by the day.

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January 2nd, 2015
You did great with S's hand :D
January 2nd, 2015
Awww...the last panel~ :c How emotional
January 2nd, 2015
Oh, edit to my first comment. You did change the font and it reads much better because it's sans serif.
Ok... back to the dangerous suspense.
January 2nd, 2015
*Scrolls to bottom* Wow, that is some hairdo! XD
January 2nd, 2015
The coloring is great and I especially like your backgrounds. :)
It could just be me after taking a course on Typography but I think the font Segoe Print(?) works better for description and narration than for dialogue. It looks too crowded with all the scripty parts and your art's details.
Damn, I forgot about that evil Kita girl >.>
Haha cute chibis <3 And wow awesome another free lance illustrator!!I'm doing a course in illustration at uni U_U I will be spying on your blog.
Lock + escaping = Terrible puns 0.o
Ha ha I'll have to look for those in later pages.
Shouldn't Shrink be Master of Phsycology? XD
Love the page. Lots of colors and fun stuff. Although Col. Q. pushing up her glasses is kinda... Cliche? XD Oh well.

EDIT: Saw you're website. I hate your comment system :P I love the London Wasp though :D Awesome.
Oh dear! Here I was promising you two pages a week and last week, I gave you none. I'm very sorry about that. The reason was I had a very big commission which had to be done in a week so I was working hard on that. But it's all done now and I can go back to concentrating on LockDown. There will be another page up this weekend, promise!
I have to admit, I find it quite funny that the two people who are debating about fashion are two male readers lol. Yes, what sasracer says is true - Lock was a rising rugby star before he joined the SP, and he uses the same skills when he works during missions, hence why his equipment and outfit matches that. As for 5.2, she hasn't changed much from her Rookie outfit (which you can see on page 8 (Issue 3) and page 16 (Issue 1)). Blonde modified her jacket on the way to Edinburgh (due to her 'comfort fat') and the skirt is short to free her legs for fighting (most superheros wear tights for the same reason). Also it helps her agility and speed.
However, there is also the argument that its more aestheically pleasing to have the outfits this way. I must admit I prefer drawing intersting outfits (hence why all the characters' fashions are individual and colourful) rather than 'pants and shirts' (unless of course TKGB_Cocker, you mean pants as in the British version ie. underpants, then I would be interested in drawing them lol). You also have to remember that they're all still pretty young (late teens, early twenties) and even at that age, style is pretty important.
Anyhoo, I hope that helped you out!
Lastly, I just have a little self-plugging to do. Outside of LockDown, I'm a free-lance illustrator, just starting out. I've just began updating a blog with some of my artwork, so if you want to check it out, visit . You can leave responces and comments if you wish, you don't have to be a blogspot member. Thank you very much!

- Some_Unknown_Dude - Ahhh, now that would be telling wouldn't it? All will be revealed in due course lol

- eternalbeliever12 - At least for now, they can't track them. However, the enemy knows about them since they've been fighting Kita. It's only going to get more dangerous from her on out!
wow thats pretty interesting. I guess its pretty lucky that the enemy cant track them. But then that means the other guys are in danger??
If you saw the first page you'd see that Lock needs those because he used/uses cool sports gadgets.
And 5.2 isn't wearing a school outfit. What the hell kinda school do you go to?
Here is the second page for this week... I MADE IT!!!! (but only just lol)
Why you? You're the main character of course :P
Awesome! I'mma gonna love 2 updates a week :)
Good luck with your animating jobs :D
Hello all! From this week onward there are now going to be two updates a week since I'm on holiday and have a bit more time. However, apologies in advance if I don't make the two updates sometimes as I do have a couple of illustration jobs comin through which I may need to concentrate on (it does pay the bills after all). Anyhoo, enjoy this page and expect the other one this weekend!
Hello all! Finally the crisis is revealed! Tis a nasty one indeed! And a big task for only two people to tackle, but then this is 5.2 and Lock we're talking about!!!

- Some_Unknown_Dude - Ooh thank you. Evolving eh? Probably, since I've been doing an art course this year. The other major difference with the latest pages is that I've gone back to using dip pens to ink them which makes the lines more fluid and interesting. Hope you like where the plot is going. Not only do you get your wish that they're gonna look for 0.5 but EVERY SINGLE NUMBER!
Yeah I don't care about football either, but I'm kinda stuck with it since my bf watches it all the time.

- TKGB_Cocker - It is indeed lol. That's my favourite thing about having a comic in colour - you can make the cast so much more brighter lol.

- Mew Mew Mari-Shinju - Aye that's the place! Fantastic stuff! I think I have an idea in mind for an arc and its coming up real soon so watch this space!
Oh don't worry about me gettin mad over football - I seriously don't follow it! My bf is a Hibs fan and my entire family are Aberdeen fans but me? I support Edinburgh Rugby and that's it! Yay for rugby!!! Sadly there's not such a big following up in Aberdeenshire so its cool to meet a fellow Aberdonian who supports the oval ball game! Btw that's really cool that you're friends with one of the USA players. I admit - I love Americans. I even studied American History for a year at uni.

- eternalbeliever12 - Haha u mean Shrink? (Probably needs one) There's a reason he's always nervous but I won't reveal that till a little later. I don't mind playing a spot of footy but I'm a terrible hacker lol
Why is that guy always looking so worried? Poor guy(Sorry I forgot his name) I want to hug him!! XD
I never watch football but I've watched a few world cup games. Only because, I couldn't be bothered to off the tv while I was on my laptop. My family is supporting Ghana and there are English flags everywhere where I live. I cant avoid it o_O I feel the same way as the comments above, to be honest XD I'd definitely rather play than watch.
But watching the south Korean team playing football was really interesting, for some reason XD
Very good :D Can't wait for more :)
And as for football, mehs on it. It can be good, but I prefer to play instead of watch.
Ooh, I can't wait for the next page - I'll try and get it up before the weekend as I'm off for a wee holiday to the Borders!
Well the sun hasn't been back yet and to make matters worse I can't seem to escape the bloomin World Cup. I just cannot stand football (or soccer to those of you in North America lol) but my boyfriend who I live with has been hooked, watching every single game. To be fair though, it gives him something to do when I'm out at work and he's so cute when he gets excited but what really gets my goat is all the stupid Scots being too busy to cheer on USA last Saturday that they all ignored the fact their own country had an outstanding win against Argentina in rugby!!! Anyhoo, I'm rambling now lol. What are all of you making of the World Cup - enjoying it or do you think the same as me?

- Some_Unknown_Dude - Cheers! Yeah those are my favourite ones too. I'm sorry that your favourite Colonel S hasn't been in much so far but the next 'issue' will feature him a lot more so you can have a lot of eye candy lol

- Mew Mew Mari-Shinju - Ahhh beautiful Stonehaven. I was there quite recently actually when I was back home (I'm from Deeside). Stonehaven has the most amazing ice cream shop in the world!!! Have you ever been there? My bf really liked it there too - infact he was quite tempted to move there since he's a big fan of the sea. I should base an arc of LockDown in Stonehaven!
Oh yes, I was going to put in a footnote about that - thanks for reminding me, I'll do that in a sec. There are four classes, but only three of them are used in day to day missions. These are'
- Class Yellow - Minor missions (mainly for new agents)
- Class Orange - Important Missions (the most common)
- Class Red - Vital Missions (normally when there's lives at risk)
- Class White - Very rare and always priority as it means somethings happened to the SP or its members.

- eternalbeliever12 - I know, isn't it exciting lol. Yeah same here! When its not raining, it's just dull and overcast. Please can we get some more sun, I want to wear my legs out a bit longer!!!
LOL I love how dramatic things are getting. And I like how the speech flows :)
Oh yeah, the weather was hot that week, I really hope that wasn't our summers worth. It's been raining since 6_6
An amazing thing happened this week! There was sun in Scotland! And several days of it. I slapped on the sun cream and went out to enjoy it. Sadly thought its back to the usual grey skies and rain, but hopefully the sun will be back again soon.

- Some_Unknown_Dude - No worries my lovely, the kidnapping is still real, but that's not all. I won't spoil anything though, all will be revealed in two pages time...
Yeah, Edinburgh is great, I love this city so much! Shame you were only there for one day, your really should come back and explore some more. Whoop whoop for holly-olly-days!!!!

- TKGB_Cocker - Cheers! I'm glad you think so. Glad you're enjoying the comic, hope you continue to!

- sasracer - lol I'm glad you're not sure. At least it shows my comic's not entirely predictable. I love her big eyelashes too!!!
I doubt it was all a test. Atleast part of it was real, or maybe all of it is real. No sure, can't wait to read more :D
Also, love 5.2's huge eyelashes.