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Team S.hard M.att G.landor

Team SMG has been around for a long time. They regularly travel the world, going on adventures, saving people, and working as one to take out the evil in the world.

These are but a few of their adventures together.

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I would definitely not recommend these as ways to break the ice however. geaakfdaddck
Is the first time you teamed up in comic form?
November 20th, 2011
@Gatamigo: hey gata wanna make a team?
@nousherwan: how bout me :3
#5 is my fav rule.
What can kill Ash
Throw a Thunderstone at Pikachu. While he will be happy and be your pokemon, Ash will rest at a grave.
That be said, it seems Kat can bring out the worst in people, Too bad Hvac has nothing wrong with him
Ogods, those are very obscure designs, we barely used those for a month. I'd forgotten about the dull Matt. :P
*rolls around* HE HAS FIRE HANDS!!
In the intermission between our last plot and the one that we've gotten written up, we have been gathering resources and putting things together for this next story. However, it's taking some time, and we've been in a bit of a chaotic fix with other things, so we may be a while longer.

In the meantime, enjoy one of the comics that was on the original Team SMG site. Ladies and Gentlemen... I present to you the PURR.
Gee, it's good to see how nice people are towards friends who are trying to keep us entertained.
yay new era, that will eventually burn out and die like everything else......but yay new era!
Your words are like beautiful golden mallets glistening in the sunlight to me.
Now may I borrow one of those mallets? I want to smash that annoying flying brick over there. XD

@Fuzzy Fox: Glad to hear that. I was sorta creeped out when I read Shard's unusually emo message on the last page.
make a plot about how awesome I am
I'm firin' MA LASER!

Floo is about as subtle as a brick with wings on it.
Tl;dr version

Teary sappy apology letter with return promises.
It says everything I could type here in the letter.

June 21st, 2011
Didn't know much at all about team SMG, but oh well. Things eventually end, whether you like it or not.