Shinka: The Last Eevee

Nick the Eevee and Josie the Quilava have a good life. Deepwood Forest is calm, Dynamon City has no shortage of small jobs, and their friendship grows by the day. But after getting a request promising a Lunar Wing-- an item rumored to restore memory-- their lives change forever.

Targeted by the shadowy Auranova Industries, Nick becomes the center of a plot to collect the seven evolutions of Eevee, a plan spearheaded by the organization's director Krypton-- a ruthless Lucario with his mind set on conquest. Before they know it, the two young Pokemon are caught in the midst of conspiracy and a destiny greater than they could imagine. Joined by new friends and allies, Nick and Josie fight to reunite and protect their homeland-- before it is destroyed.

Beware the calm before the storm.

*read RIGHT to LEFT
Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Characters/story (c) SilverLunarwing
Rated T for Teen!
3rd Place in the 2013 Smackie Awards (Gaming)!

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So. . .
Although I do think Josie and Nick do the cute together
Rheonna (Guest)
January 6th, 2017
So. . .
The series is amazing it wouldn't give it up for anything
if someone know her yahoo or her gmaill pls tell her
link here
can you make more pls i want read this comic and i love this comic
This can't be how it ends! And near the climax too!? My heart feels empty. I've grown too attached to these characters. ACK!
@three fangs
Sorry to burst your bubble but Blitz is not mind controlled by anyone ^~^
If anyone knows if she will illustrate the end pls comment. But if she leaves it like this the ending can be up to the readers, but I kinda want to see where this goes. Also Silver, you have been a great inspiration and are one of the two people that made me decide to try to make my own someday, remember that you gave a lot of people inspiration.

BTW if anyone wants to know, the other guy is SpeedBoostTorchic. His comic site is:
Silver, again thank you for this amazing comic! I hope that this isn't the end of your comics though, you are a great artist and a wonderful writer. Take care and have fun with all the possibilities that this leaves. (BTW, I got so interested in this comic that it took me only 2-3 days to read)
November 10th, 2016
may starclan light your path...
November 10th, 2016
sh-shinka introduced me to smackjeeves... silver! you are the reason why im here!!!
It's a great comic, sad you didn't illustrate the rest though. O really wanted to see this. But I must applaud you for this, I may even make something like this someday. Thanks for the inspiration! And great comic
November 10th, 2016
over a year later and this page still breaks my heart
Randoooon (Guest)
November 7th, 2016
No no no no no, Radon can't be dead. He can't. He can't. Right?
RIP Radon, may Starclan light your path
Or Nick is gonna knock the crap out of you
I happened to have saved some stuff, the ending being one of those things. So for anyone who need to view the ending, it's below.

Here's a link to it: dit?usp=sharing
I try to acept it...
Who else got a heartattack as he saw this page :,( Well, because im about a year to late, does someone know here reason? i mean, i dont got a problem with her chise, maybe it would just help me get over it thought :/ its about the 5th comic wich i freakin like and then i get smashed like this... so its hard to start over again another comic, im scared it happens again.. i dont want it to happen again.

And 2nd does someone know why she deleted the ending?

i Would be impressed if i get yet a answer to this but yeah, its worth a try, right?
This entire comic franchise is like freaking game of thrones, you fall in love with a comic, Read it over and over while waiting for the next comic, and then... BOOM! The comic "dies". (Sigh)
@Guest Askani: SilverLunarwing deleted her DA. Since the ending was saved to her DA Stash, it's gone too.

@Silver Eevee: same yeah. i came here to see if anyone had a copy