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Shinka: The Last Eevee
Nick the Eevee and Josie the Quilava have a good life. Deepwood Forest is calm, Dynamon City has no shortage of small jobs, and their friendship grows by the day. But after getting a request promising a Lunar Wing-- an item rumored to restore memory-- their lives change forever.

Targeted by the shadowy Auranova Industries, Nick becomes the center of a plot to collect the seven evolutions of Eevee, a plan spearheaded by the organization's director Krypton-- a ruthless Lucario with his mind set on conquest. Before they know it, the two young Pokemon are caught in the midst of conspiracy and a destiny greater than they could imagine. Joined by new friends and allies, Nick and Josie fight to reunite and protect their homeland-- before it is destroyed.

Beware the calm before the storm.

Updates infrequently. May not be completed.
*read RIGHT to LEFT
Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Characters/story (c) SilverLunarwing
Rated T for Teen!
3rd Place in the 2013 Smackie Awards (Gaming)!


Latest Comments

Comment on 24.10.548
Holly (Guest), 27 Nov 2015 01:27 am
Smiles and hugs forever from Grace!
Don't worry Grace! You can do it! :D
Comment on 24.11.549
Holly (Guest), 27 Nov 2015 01:23 am
Little late Blitz
Blitz...Um...I think Radon is DEAD at the moment, so just sit back and relax, because he's not coming.
Comment on 24.11.549
espeon8812, 26 Nov 2015 05:55 pm
Well... Blitz certainly has the agitated, energetic temper of an electric type. I read this and it made me want to cry about Radon again...
Comment on 24.11.549
Luigi_96, 25 Nov 2015 05:17 pm
Radon is a bit... er, dead at the moment. Sorry Blitz. :C
Comment on 24.11.549
T-H-E GUY, 25 Nov 2015 12:47 pm
epp you hadent up dated in so lone i was woried there for a moment that the comic was on hiatus or something X3 glad to see your back mis wing and OH i started drawing to but i don't think im any good for a contest or anything ^^'
Comment on 24.11.549
RioBlitzle, 25 Nov 2015 12:15 pm
And then you realise...

#Radon's dead.

I seriously forgot he was deceased there and had some hope for these poor eeveelutions being saved by him.
But it looks like Josie's gonna do that.
Comment on 24.11.549
Guest, 25 Nov 2015 12:06 pm
I just noticed something...
The good guys have oval-shaped pupils, and the bad guys have slit-shaped pupils.
Also, I thought of some possible voices for some of the characters! :3
Nick: Wirt from Over the Garden Wall
Josie: Candace from Phineas and Ferb
Syena: Katniss from The Hunger Games series
Reece: Grug from The Croods
Krypton: Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Radon: Kristoff from Frozen
Luna: Raven from Teen Titans Go
Grace: Mabel from Gravity Falls
Comment on 24.11.549
Midnight-fox18, 25 Nov 2015 10:31 am
Come on Blitz...show some respect. :'(
Well, at least Josie is as awesome as ever.

@bluefiredragon: I think the real question is, how can Krypton expect a tall, technological, building to NOT be seen in the middle of the grasslands, where if a pokemon were to simply fly around the area, they would see it in an instant. The building sticks out like a sore thumb.
...Then again, maybe Krypton kills anyone who sees AuraNova, except for the employees of course.
Comment on 24.11.549
bluefiredragon, 25 Nov 2015 10:20 am
punniest title 2015. yes

I'm sure there are a thousand more interesting ways to say "he's not here on time" than "he's late"

Oh fine. Be like that.

You know, shouldn't Krypton have at least bothered to put an electric fence around the dang building? Or is he really that big of a cheapskate?
Comment on 24.11.549
SilverLunarwing, 25 Nov 2015 10:11 am
This was sitting uncolored for weeks and I finally got around to finishing it.

Contest 1 was cancelled but the second one's going on still (http://shinka.smackjeeves.com/news-archive/posts/139426/two-final-contests/)

I still have a lot going on. More detailed update when winter break happens. Or sooner, idk. Enjoy the page.


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