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Welcome to Dokkaebi Academy, school for the odd and unordinary.

Students at Dokkaebi are far from the usual brand and kind found at other highschools. Some possess unique and fabulous powers, the ability to arouse chaos and mayhem within these halls.


A magical boarding school collab! \@u@/ ~š


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Welcome to Dokkaebi Academy, school for the odd and unordinary.

Students at Dokkaebi are far from the usual brand and kind found at other highschools. Some possess unique and fabulous powers, the ability to arouse chaos and mayhem within these halls.


A magical boarding school collab! \@u@/ ~š


[Applications are CLOSED]
[Invitations are OPEN]

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April 18th, 2010
pffff that kid better run or start working out....FAST >.> man tht coach is sexy though<.<
*revives with magic powder*

Hey~ sorry i've been dead for so long when I promised life ;A; Was working on my newest comic, Ledrad (go check it out *shot*)

Here is something. Going on holiday in a week, and straight after (literally) it's tokonatsu (<3), so may be inactive again for a week or two. Will try and see what I can do in a week. Also, if anyone wants to see any type of pairing or something on this, however bizarre, tell me here~ I want stuff to draw for this collab XD

Anyway, the full version of that side pic to the comic can be found here: if you're interested <3

June 21st, 2009
June 20th, 2009
I gotta ask - what's with the shades?
June 17th, 2009
I have to finish my page o_o

and I just love those shades he's wearing XD totally needs a lollipop hanging out his mouth like a cig XDDD or a cig lol to complete the badass-ary
June 17th, 2009
lol deff too badass for class :D though if he was really badass, he wouldn't ask permission XD;; or maybe he's sooo badass he's gunna rub it in their faces :D

great page!! -thumbs up- and lookit me go still on the wrong name. :P

Awesome job :3
-not on correct name :P -

I'm going back through and re-reading everything since I've been in and out an I apologize. I think a field trip for them would be delightful and your character is adorable :] and I like his hairpins 8D
Lol, I love Nurse Ana & Frankie C:
@Seranis: Lol, I think so xD A Chat-roon would be kinda cool too, though. I just wonder if would get forgotten about though...?

Anyway- thanks Sera C:

@psyco_kid_360: Haha, yeah- the scarf's pink. I thought it was a nice tough C;

@ly chee: Thank you so much! >3< Lol, Kanon glomped. I wonder how he'd react to something like that? And I hope to be back too~!

@silverbrumby123: Thanks C:
FFFFFFFFFFFF How did I not notice this?! He's so cute!
June 15th, 2009
Christ, they're cute. Need to figger out a way for Rion and Kimejo to communicate with both of them safely. Earplugs for Fuse maybe?

Come to think of it, I should probably make a page involving Kim looking for recruits for the Library Army. Aiya and her telekinesis might do... even if she can't control her powers very well. <3
1. I love your new characters (Fuse and Franki should get along famously both loving music and all XDD )

2. I love this page, Aiya is adorable -quickly runs off to work on a page as well-

Great job (on both uploads!!) -thumbs up-
June 14th, 2009
Sorry for , like, no tones or anything and for the crappy lineart. I'm still trying to get used to MangaStudio... ;w;

Basically Aiya unintentionally got another pair of scissors to come flying at her again...

I hope I didn't butcher Frankie and Nurse Ana too much D:
June 14th, 2009
Sorry for making two new characters and then not going to be here >3>
They just popped into my head and wont leave D:

Anyway, the boy is Fuse and the girl is Aiya. They're, like, half-siblings.

Name: Fuse
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Species: Half-Siren

Likes: Music, emoticons, swimming(water in general), animals
Dislikes: Being glomped, scary old people, spicy food

Bio: Fuse's father was the same as Aiya's, however his mother was a siren. Because sirens generally lure men to their deaths, Fuse never got to know his father since his mother(unfortunately?) killed him(Lives with Aiya and her mother currently). Also, since he is only half-siren, he doesn't have full control over his powers and instead of his voice attracting the OPPOSITE sex, it tends to attract the SAME sex. Because of this he tries not to sing or talk to guys very often.

Special Abilities: His voice is able to attract the male population but more often occurs when he sings. Will have a longer life-span than that of a human.

Name: Aiya
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Likes: Arts and crafts(mostly painting), quiet places, photography
Dislikes: Pointy objects, dangerous/ risky things, coffee

Bio: Aiya grew up mostly normal as a child(aside from the fact that her mother was a single-parent and her half-brother was... different, to put it) At around age 7 she began to gain the ability to make things move without having to go do it physically. Although it's been 9 years later, Aiya still isn't very good with her gift so her mother sent her(along with Fuse) to this school so that she could master it. Because of her poor control, Aiya has a tendency to sent sharp objects flying her way. She describes this as 'clumsy'. She's also very shy.

Special Abilities: Aiya has telekinesis, although she's not very good at controlling her powers.

(Ps. Sorry for the kinda horrible hard cell shading)
Fffffssskkk~ I apologise for my supreme failure at life. I totally should have updated earlier >_< So have a crappy picture of Fionn doing nothing in particular~

This took me forever >_< It's too hot to do much of anything (for england, anyway ;A; WTH is wrong with our weather????) But I swear i'll get something better drawn out asap <3
Don't feel bad, everyone screws up. That's what author notes are for! ♥

Hahahaha *shot*
Ugh Okay so I thought of this last night and I failed miserably ;A; But It's all good I can blame my ruler (you know a thing had has nothing to do with how I suck at using one ;3; ) Hahaha yeah.... NO I HAVE FINALLY COME TO THE REALIZATION I HAVE FINALS NEXT WEEK *sobs* WHY?!
EDIT: OMG *DOUBLE SHOT* I knew i forgot somethign *slams head on wall* I forgot to put Mr. Shingo so right now it says "I'm mr." ._. excuse me while I got commit seppuku *STAB*
Lol!! xD This made my day :D Haha~ "PASS OVER!!", I'm sorry nurse but Chris wont cross over because he's an idiot =__=;;
8D Nurse hates it when the dead don't cross over XD; she's not too happy that he doesn't want to XP

and yay Franki has a friend 8D lol
awwww poor Franki ;A; I'll be friends with you!!!!!

And the 'you pass over already' made me LOL XDXD The nurse is awesome~