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This is another of those kirby comics which is supposedly fun. With kirby as the star.

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October 8th, 2010
oh... I should really look at the date the latest comic was posted. T_T
October 4th, 2010
Taking everything aside, I really sometimes remember about the comic, but I always have no time to continue it. Not only do I have a game to try and work on, there is just a lot of homework me, and my sis (which she needs the comp for) for me to work on something. Technically the comic is on a really gigantic hiatus right now, if it will ever continue. The game is SSF2 btw, you should go and check it out.
October 4th, 2010
Yeah its like, the author is dead or something.
Doubt It
blitz5000, this comic's been abandoned a while ago I believe. Notice how the last post was almost a year ago.
October 3rd, 2010
hey, can I join? I'm not exactly a kirby author but I really like him and I am actually planning to make a kirby comic. he's mah second favourite video game charactah! =D
The what what?
What's going on MaxMatsu?
I'm not dead, my new computer is. And my old computer doesn't let me publish anything. Well thats it, this will probably be my last message as GUEST.
August 23rd, 2009
OK then
But since I'm on school I might take longer.
You do the next comic, my internet connection isn't working right.
Oh snapples!
I wonder if the other authors are coming back. Anyway, I call the next comic!
August 12th, 2009
Well, I got to submit something, and kirby can't win like that, can he?
No worries.... for now.... great to see ya too though.
Maybe since we are only two now, we might start up a new story.
Yay you're back!!
No problem, now the comic can pick up steam...or whatever...
The news.
Anyway, guys, I want to apologize again for not updating and I bring here with you a comic. I want to thanks Phelps for staying the whole time in the comic AND posting one new. That might brang up a new story, since the old story was wiped out because of the reset. I hope you enjoy! (Yeah, still, kirby can't talk)
I just realized I'm an author for this comic...

OMG! It talks!
read the first comics and you will tell which are fillers, and which aren't...
Explain these "fillers"
I had to had something else to show you while I can! Authors, please be careful since now, fillers won't be the only thing, PM me for a how and to add comics plz.
Are you really gonna ask why is it so rushed?