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EpicSaga! A Comic Fantasy

by Xiam
A boy becomes a hero and forms a ragtag team while defeating a dark overlord. A story about clichés, oddities, and the unoriginality of mankind.
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A boy becomes a hero and forms a ragtag team while defeating a dark overlord. A story about clichés, oddities, and the unoriginality of mankind.


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October 1st, 2009
Ugh. It's way too late for me to be up and way too early for me to be up. I've spent all night finishing a comic I should have done TUESDAY, to go up WEDNESDAY, and I'm frankly getting sick of EpicSaga. Nobody reads it and it feels like it's going nowhere, and while I have clever stories planned, I know I won't be able to properly draw them. I am so grumpy, I'm going to complain about my own comic.

First, why did I cram so much into one page? Secondly, what kind of weird acronym is that? I hate apostrophes in words. But all the more reason to produce a pseudo-fantasy flavor (like oh, so many conlangs). And I think my original idea had a much better explanation for her giving the omnigadget - as it's much more useful, etc. etc., but here nothing. What the hell is that?

And finally, why release a strange animal into the wild, anyway? That's just gonna screw up the ecosystem.

I'm grumpy, and here's the comic. Not like that many people will read it anyway. Ugh. Gotta work on Gary the Alchemist in the morning. No wait, strike that. Afternoon. Goodnight folks.

No wait, strike that. Good morning.
September 23rd, 2009
Wow, that girl changes fast.

So, here's the first (really hard to see) view of the CUA. Strictly speaking, yes, it's a flying squirrel - it's like a squirrel, but with wings. But I like CUA (Cute Useless Animal).

Almost called it a C'Bua (Cute but useless animal). Meh.

I was really torn regarding its color, though. Light blue? Pink? Purple? Brown? Reddish brown? GRAY?

I decided to go with the same purple I'm using in Gary the Alchemist, for Gary's lab walls. It's fun to recycle colors for no reason whatsoever.

Apologies for the late post. I am considering giving up on trying to post these on Wednesdays, and just shoot for Thursdays. What do you folks think?
September 16th, 2009
Mr. Tinker doesn't get along with his neighbors.
So, I actually have a name or this type of creature he's holding. It might just be temporary, but I'd considered the species for a story of their own, among other strange beings. In a completely different world, really. For now, I call them lightbobs.

I'm sorry about the late posting today, I completely forgot I had to do a comic today until late late late last night. I reeeally need to get the hang of getting EpicSagas done on time.
September 9th, 2009
Yes, I'm totally going there.
For those who don't know, a "mon" is a monster which fights alongside you, rather than (as witnessed before with the gnowl) against you.

Some random name goofiness - Gidget's name was decided because it is close to "gadget," and as the man's name is actually Mr. Tinker, and he actually comes from a line of inventors and gadgeteers. Having found the demand for such things in a pseudo-medieval setting, he moved on to making a living with his hobby.

Another note, that orb there was actually a placeholder creature for the being he's going to get, AND for the imp in Gary the Alchemist. I really really wanted to use it somewhere, but realized it didn't fit for either story. Maybe someday. Until then, to the cage it goes.
September 2nd, 2009
I know I kinda did this gag before with the Wizard, where Hero doesn't have any say in the matter... but it's just so fun!

Sometimes in a story, a stranger will be kind enough to take the weary travelers into his own home, give them a hot meal and a bed, free of charge. And sometimes, they JUST DON'T WANT IT.

I should probably note something strange about this - while I'd figured out these two characters for a while, I hadn't actually DRAWN them. So they were basically thrown together at the last minute. Surprisingly, I think I did pretty well.

Originally, I think they were both supposed to have dark hair. Then when I drew her, I realized she looked a bit like an old friend of mine, and I almost made her blonde, and he'd have brown hair. In the end though, I decided Legendia needs more redheads.

Besides, I have a blonde coming in later.

So, who are these two unusual people? We'll find out soon enough. And what the heck kind of hat is he wearing? I... don't know, really. It's kinda flopsy though. I assume it (and probably his shirt) was made from a burlap bag. Because he's eccentric like that.
August 25th, 2009
And so, Book 2 begins.
Y'know how episodes of a TV show may give a recap of a previous episode, or episodes, particularly when they feature similar story arc elements as the new episode? Granted, it's good for people who missed the episode or forgot what happened, but when you're watching 'em in a row online or on DVD or in a marathon on TV... it gets pretty annoying.

So, I'm sure the entirety of the title may fit, or may not, but I'm kinda tired and not willing to risk it. I had to shrink it just to fit it in the top. But that's KINDA the point.

I actually intend to name every chapter in a way that mocks books, films, or video games. Largely fantasies. This one is actually titled after Mary Shelly's novel Frankenstein, which is quite fitting for the subject, as you will see.

For those who aren't aware, the full title is actually Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus.

So! This chapter will be pretty straightforward. I hope to get a little action in it, though I'm not even really finished, so I don't know what will happen. All I can say is, Hero will get his first party member in this chapter.
Have faith, young one! Or however old you are.

This is really only a secondary series, though, updating once a week. The new Big One will have a teaser up tomorrow. And Book 2 of EpicSaga will likely be interesting. Though it only gets really good in Book 3, at least as far as I've thought in my head. I really need to write more.
I didn't know about this XDD

but I shall tune in since M&M is done ;_;
Me too. :3
you're epic as always XD<3
Earthbound/Mother2 is an adventure RPG for snes and in the very start of the game the main character awakens in pajamas!

But yeah, it's probably the only game with pajamas.
Just beat it.
So, I think we all know the moral to this story. "Don't trust creepy wizards."

This was actually a fun page to do. I'd named these characters good while ago, but I never actually figured out what they'd look like. I assumed they'd be twins, but... let's face it, I can't draw anything the same way twice. Let's just say they're brothers.

The one on the left is Edgar, the one on the right is Algar. I think I actually like how they turned out, and am considering making them more than just simple NPC's. Maybe later when the series gets going.

So, this is the end of "Book 1." Mostly just Chapter 1, pay no attention to my strange names. I named the chapters for Melody & Macabre "scenes." I just have issues.

I'm gonna go on hiatus for a bit, on this. Too much piled up for other works, and even though I only do one a week, I think I need a week or two off. When I come back, I may change panel styles, because the art is really teeny. Or I may just keep it, because it seems to make it much easier to draw.

Anyway, what's in store for Book 2? Well, I'll put it this way: The planned title (which will hopefully be able to be squeezed in to fit on the page) is EPICSAGA: THE SCIENCES; or, A TREATISE ON THE NECESSITY OF CUTE BUT USELESS ANIMALS.
Ugh. A day late and I don't care.
I'm so freaking exhausted. After this week, I will actually be HAPPY to go back to my normal schedule.

I swear. I'm sick of fun.

Anyway, here's your comic. Y'know how time flows differently for gamers as it does for the characters? Yeah, that's the joke. Alright, I'm done.

See you next week, kids.
haha,yay! he finally did it. If at first you don't succeed, run away and then slash at things with your eyes closed. haha.
Me too!!
Yeah! I know that we are past this comic now but I read it and think it is awesome!

You do great work with all your comics.
Keep it up!
I love it too. XD
baha, I love that first panel.
Victory! Earned 3 EXP.
So, I don't really think there is a story purpose for this. I just felt like he should get one victory before everything goes to heck.

Changed the sky color a bit. Thought it would be a bit easier to deal with.

Nothing else to say, I guess. Onward, to more random encounters!
...Okay, so I'm a day late.
I have been having a rough month, I swear. Still, at least this week's comic IS up.

So, regarding Gnowls. In most fantasy games, you're likely to get something weird that looks like something, but is not called that. Zelda is the best example I can think of. Bat? Keese. Ghost? Poe. Snake? Rope. Skeleton? Stalfos.

So, here we have a Pokemon-like "monster." Is it an owl? Nooo, it's a GNOWL. Which comes from "gnosis" (meaning "knowledge") and... owl.