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Hyperdimensional Institute

The misadventures of a handful of students at HDI, the only college to train future video game and RPG characters.


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Hah! Sunglasses of Cool +1. Niiiiice. Now all that's left is Ranks in 'Overkill'.
I look cute; Fancy looks cuter. I can just picture how I'd say 'the FAST way! :D' too.

Can't wait to see more comics. :P
Just wait until you see the next fight, then...
Summon: Tiny Humanoid with Wings Who Probably Needs to Put More Clothes on!
Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

Yeah, I'm working on toning down the dialogue some. It's hard, though, since I have as much talent with visual artwork as the Sahara desert has trees, so I tend to go overboard on words. Those last two panels? Nikki wisely chose to split the dialogue, which was orignally all scripted in one clump. She's awesome, see?
omg so much dialog! but other than that, it's pretty good :D