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Drunken showcase

A sprite showcase for anyone who uses
You can post anything you want, just don't make me need to add a mature rating
Oh and feel free to test html on a custom page but be sure to add a sig to the name of it

The kitten is a lie ~MP
So is the cake. ~Omega
As is Sandford... ~Mach
But the pie is never a lie~Christh
Unless it's a lieing pie~yoshi freak
All these comments are obviously lies~Mist
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A sprite showcase for anyone who uses
You can post anything you want, just don't make me need to add a mature rating
Oh and feel free to test html on a custom page but be sure to add a sig to the name of it

The kitten is a lie ~MP
So is the cake. ~Omega
As is Sandford... ~Mach
But the pie is never a lie~Christh
Unless it's a lieing pie~yoshi freak
All these comments are obviously lies~Mist

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F1 Sprites
Where did you get those good looking F1 cars sprites? Can you send them for me, please? I want to use them for my own F1 comics.
February 25th, 2011
A comic by yours truly.

As well as some other faggots.
i know its supposed to go that was but in the no helmet V2.5 or 3 the shoes dont really seem to fit. the design anyways. i dont think on his right shoe (our left) that the white tip should be more over to the right, if you know what i mean.
i hate animated banners
they make my internet lag xxxtreme while they're loading ;__;
This is pretty awesome martin blue hearts .-.
Obvious timeline is obvious, with the right most stuff having just been made. Head is from V2, hands on unarmored sprite are from Dr. Light, the rest I reshaped and shaded myself. ANY constructive criticism?
December 28th, 2010
First one, believe it or not, is the most overdone. Though it is possible to be done right, but it takes a hell of an amount of effort to make it work. You need the right dark setting, and enough vagueness at times to really stick out. Overall, the story and script is your main focus.

Second one seems to be instantly popular on this site, so don't do it for the fans. If it's male>female gender bending, then I would have to say you could point out problems of sexism that is surprisingly still alive in today's society, so at least it'd have meaning and depth rather than "I has bewbs nao."

Third one sounds too limited of an audience. Don't get me wrong, I love Speed Racer, so a story about racing is obviously in my range, but there are people who will compare it to NASCAR which a lot of people also hate, so it could be fairly difficult to get the right amount of results wanted.

The first two are the most unoriginal, but again, if done right you can make it good. I would say if you try either of these two, try using perhaps more original characters so you can avoid the constant comparisons. As for the third one, I know you love F1, which seems to be like a passion for you, and I would say choose this, mainly because I've had so many failed attempts at comics about a band (With only one ever getting pages done, but fell under almost instantly).

Choose the one that appeals to you the most. Whichever one you would enjoy and can find yourself doing a year from now.
December 28th, 2010
I still havent decided which idea to focus on for my next comic, so I have decided to put it out to a vote. This just lists the pros and cons of each of the 3 ideas.

For the various very basic outlines, idea one is a "war epic" where Mobeus is under a full scale attack from Robotnik and various factions are tasked with holding back the advance, the second is a gender swap one, but with a somewhat difference to most of the ones there so far (in how it portrays "problems") and the third is about someone who aims to win the F1 title but must face their demons in doing so (Think a cross between the films "Blackball" and "Cars")

Feel free to vote and/or say what you think...
Oldish sprite.

Custom etc.
That was the reasoning. Whether it could be pulled of though is another matter
Third idea could work if you made it more about the drama less about the racing.
This was the second one I done, set on lap 16 but went further on, and forgot to mention (Thats why position 7 changes twice). Instead of commentary, this one instead just featured the drivers themselves speaking which made it slightly better (But still generally boring and flat). I had made a proper HUD as well, though this doesnt have the proper top 6 one (That was lost in the Hard Drive failure)

Either way, the original format I was going to use for this comic is being dropped. The races are too dull as it is. Doubly so without a strong backstory.

Currently for my next "big" comic, I am toying with three ideas. The first is one I have had tugging at me for a while (over a year) but have never really sat down and written it out yet. Its fairly original idea but it will need some writing up before it starts.
The second is using an idea that is not so original but theres a slight (but potentially major) difference to it. Some hints to what it contains have been dropped in other comics...
The third was a complete re-working of the F1 idea but instead focusing on one person as they get to the top (your cliched sorta film idea. If anyone has seen Blackball, think along those lines) and would be story, as opposed to race driven, which, I think, may work better.
Yeah, that was the problem. Seemed a good idea until it was sprited =(

Funny you should say that with the helmets as originally I wasnt going to have them, but found fitting characters in was a bit of a nightmare. They also conceal facial expressions too
its true, you need better action and more drama. plus having them wearing helmets make it hard to see who is who
Honestly, this comic is rather boring
This is the first strip of 2 of one of the ideas that I am considering for my next comic.

The concept is/was that there would be a whole season of F1 racing, with stories in between which gave purpose to each race, and the stars of each story would change. The characters in question would be all cameos and would still be given points and whatnot even if they wernt the starts in the story arc and would still wish to "watch" each race in order to see where their own character would finish (Sorta like a Fantasy F1 game. If anyone has played Batracer, then that is what I was aiming to achieve but in sprited form)

The thing is, it wsnt until spriting it did I find out that it wasnt as clear cut as I thought and that the races themselves seemed a bit...flat. Hence why I stopped working on the idea for a bit (I already had to rip the sprites and backgrounds myself and put them together).

In this one I tried to add a commentator in the style of Murray Walker. Anyone who knows who he is will agree he is just outrught legend. If you dont, look him up both on Wikipedia AND Youtube. The thing is, the greatest comic writer in the world couldnt do him justice as his commentary is mainly tone (which a comic cant convey) and it just seems here it points out the obvious

However, I changed that for the next strip, as well as added a proper info graphic, which seemed better. I will post it tomorrow, along with details on other ideas, maybe. Feel free to comment/slate before then though
I don't know. It was just for a game, which was based in a dream, so I guess light is relevant.
Nice but how is the sun light sourced..?Lol.Thats a Dousie.
October 15th, 2010
*Cough* Splash Wave Euro Remix =P