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Follow Lionell in this BATTLE MANGA in the style of Final Fantasy VII


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The manga may be over but...
the anime is far from complete! Im working on it very hard and you can se here the fruits of my work :D

comment and enjoy :D
that's not the ultimate end of the whole thing is it? its too good and mysterious to end there.
Thanks ^-^
awesome art! you put really nice detailing into the backgrounds and their faces ^^
The End
Comments on the manga??
Today my manga ends...
update 3/4
Today my manga ends...
update 2/4
Today my manga ends...
Update 1/4
Not the best start but...
I hope its good enough.
Oh heck yeah. Looks SU-WEET!
Keep up the good work!
yes, I'm excited! Keep up the good work!
Before Chapter 3 Starts!
I will post some color character profiles.

Comment please.
End of Chapter 2!!!
Okay! End of chapter 2! Finaly!! I hope you enjoyed it.

I would be very happy if you could comment on chapter 2. You can comment on anything art, plot, pace, action.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.
2 more pages left.
Comment please.
great lineart and the panels flow nicely
The eye in the fifth panel is awsome!
Comments please!
Those of you who follow my manga and those of you who just stumpled upon it. Please take a min and comment. This is so I can make it better in the future.
... I drawn 3 pages today, but I just couldn't manage to ink them all. I'll try inking the other two tomorow. Hope you enjoy.
Heh I bet you only read some pages. I know its not exactly like FFVII! Heck my intentions aren't to be like FFVII! If I wanted to make it like FFVII I wold have titled it FFVII! So don't rant about it. Its my manga and the only thing FFVII about it is the inspiration.

If you don't like it don't read it. Nobody is forcing you.