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Ren is probably the nicest boy in school...

It's a shame he's going to Hell.


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May 29th, 2015
The comic no longer updates on smackjeeves, it is updating in
December 31st, 2013
It's not that I don't like this comic enough to pay for more, I just want to see more of it available as new pages become available.

I'm on a budget at the moment I can't afford to take risks when it comes to good entertainment. If I drop my money down, I want full color joygasim not just halftone computer edited lineart.
November 19th, 2013
its updating in another site i think
elle (Guest)
September 16th, 2013
oh man, it stILL feels like i've lost something when i read this ;n; how can you break my heart over and over, it's probably the hundredth time i've read hell kitchen in the last couple of years
September 14th, 2013
This comic has been an all time favorite of mine since it first opened here in SJ. I hope you haven't decided to discontinue it!:(
Kyourin (Guest)
September 2nd, 2013
The comic has been stopped for a while. Hope everything's alright.
Jallie34p (Guest)
August 7th, 2013
where'd you go? :C
June 26th, 2013
Someone's in the kitchen with Dianah,
Someone's in the kitchen I know oh oh oh,
Someone's in the kitchen with Dianah;

Strumming on the old banjo.

Fi-fy-fiddly-I-oh, Fi FY fiddleh I oh-oh-oh-oh, Fi-fy-fiddly-I-oh, Strummin' on the old banjo.
Kyourin (Guest)
June 26th, 2013
Love Lord Devil's spy bubbles. Very neat. Also, I wonder what the Hell Kitchen has planned for my baby Ren...and which one is more powerful - Lord Devil or Hell Kitchen...?
June 24th, 2013
I'm scared of heights just imagining that fall gives me the chills.
June 22nd, 2013
Adventure: And don't come back until you've learned to salsa!
>>Ren seems very polite for somebody who's been thrown down a flight of stairs.
June 18th, 2013
Buh buy now.
Lord Devil: Don't worry, he's not dangerous. He's fabulous.

ReNero: Yeah, but what does "!" mean?

Lord Devil: MAKEOVER.

Ramie: YFW! he's getting a makeover. What about me?
June 15th, 2013
I still have the image of his original "point" moment...

because I have a friend whose RP character acts just like him, and looks a bit like him too, so I compiled a bunch of Lord Devil epic moments.
June 15th, 2013
Sure you do, like a fox.
June 14th, 2013
I totally trust him, 110%.
Kyourin (Guest)
June 12th, 2013
"Hanging over his head."
Also, did Ren just explode in the background? Because Ramia doesn't seem as mad as to "blow up" - pun intended.
Ren: Is this supposed to help -? *explodes*
Lord Devil: Nope.
Kyourin (Guest)
June 12th, 2013
Yeah, 's'not like you're the Devil or have high status or anything, and can grant wishes. Psh! It's so cute that you think you have some sort of power.
June 12th, 2013
Having read the original up to where it stopped, this line has a whole new meaning to me. xD
June 11th, 2013
**Hanging over his head?**

Lord Devil: Not only are the ebil doodads contained within the backback powered down beyond recognition, I threw in a portal to Warehouse 13, Torchwood, The Lost Room, and Needful Things in there as well.
Atsuko san
June 9th, 2013
I want more!
Where can I find the following ? :3