"Mega Man 8" was one of the least popular Mega Man titles in the classic series. However, there so much behind the story of Mega Man's eighth Wily War, Capcom never managed to fit it all on the disk. What really happened before, during... and after?

This is the story of Astro Man and Clown Man, members of the eighth generation of Robot Masters. They're equipped with a special device that rebuilds them safely back at base when they are destroyed. Their primary objective: to guard Wily Tower and defeat Mega Man.

Their secondary objective: survive the wacky hijinks of their cohorts and hopefully make you laugh.

Uses "Mega Man 8" and "Mega Man & Bass" sprites.

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Thanks for the effort, but that was my original source. If you look at the Wily 4 map there, you'll see that the git that made it put the Wily Machine sprite in the final room, rendering that entire part of the room useless. But thanks anyway.
Here, hope this helps.
Danger is Relative
This comic has very limited sprite and image resources, especially for backgrounds (I can't even show the right half of Wily's boss room). There are only a set amount of poses and no easy way to get customs due to how different the style is from every other Mega Man game that's not Mega Man and Bass. This makes it quite difficult to create these comics because I have to go with the closest approximation more often than other webcomics I do.

So why did I do this one? Because facial expressions are always harder.

In other news, Grenade Man's balloon has an inverted tail in this comic. A little experiment, if you will. An inverse tail generally means the speaker is off-panel, clearer than a tail that points off the panel or no tail at all. Depending on how often I have off-panel characters talking, you may be seeing more of them.
Indroductions are Slightly In Order
I've never had a problem with Aqua Man, aside from being a pain to fight (I generally go for him first out of the last four, so I never have his weakness). But this interpretation would allow a few more jokes at the apparently least liked MM8 Master.

As a side note, it took me three attempts to post this comic.
Made For Mayhem
OK, from here on out for a good long while, there will be two "story arcs" running simultaniously, one following Clown while the other follows Astro. Later on, these will merge into one storyline which will result in the return to Wily Tower.

The word "stereotypical" wasn't in the original script, but dumb big guys sure seem prevailant in the media don't they? And given Wily's social skills, he doesn't have a lot to base it off of otherwise.

For those wondering why I updated THIS particular webcomic... it's to celebrate someone else's comment on the comics themselves and not my author comments. There's a message there, people; learn to understand it.
But they both look awesome!
By the way... Here's a trailer for... MEGAMAN THE MOVIE!!!

Since Sonic and Pals, Two Evil Scientists and Sonic future (my comic)!
The fourth wall didn't get broken AT ALL.

I thought this one was GREAT!
Aoi House!

Doctor Willy is so messed up!
Burn Baby Burn
Seriously. Anyone who has any knowledge of Mega Man 8 should've seen Grenade Man coming a MACROVERSE away.

Sorry if that helicoptor and those pads look like total crud. However, I worked quite hard on the helicoptor, and it does everything I need it to do. The pad, however, was sorta last minute.
Track Record
This is actually two comics in one; I merged them because the first one's punchline was different from above (it was only two panels) and lousy.

Astro Man's nervous, that I accept, but I didn't intend to make him too dim. I actually believe Astro is fairly intelligent. Maybe "naive" is the word I'm looking for.

Oh yeah, and these daily updates? They're not going to keep coming. When do they ever?
@ Shadow the Unborn
1. I wouldn't say the fourth wall is broken here so much as it is cracked. Thankfully, it is not cracked beyond repair, and I assure you I have no further fourth-wall jokes planned.

2. I would think Mega beating Astro and Clown is fairly obvious, but I got a few twists set up to make them interesting. ...I hope.

Second off, DON'T TELL THEM WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN AHEAD OF TIME...You're wrecking your story before it really get's off the ground, man... -_-
Very Unoriginal
For those that haven't read Bob and George (which I believe you should, considering its a legend of recent times), the Rebirth Recall is a reference to Ram, a robot built as a science project by Kalinka (Dr. Cossack's daughter). Because he's made out of cheap and weak parts, a single tap is enough to kill him. A regeneration unit in Cossack's Citadel rebuilds him and then transport him back when this happens. The main difference between Ram and Rebirth Recall is that the latter doesn't transport the recreated robot. In truth, I wasn't thinking of Bob and George when I came up with this, as I just needed a way for Astro and Clown to return after being destroyed by Mega later in the storyline and I remembered Ram while writing the comic, so I decided to poke a fun little reference.
You must have Yaoi on the brain since you feared assumptions... :P
Lousy Start
I want to say this now, before you people start assuming: this is NOT yaoi. This will never be yaoi. I don't do anything concerning yaoi, never have and never will. This is more of a "buddy" comic than anything else, and I have some really funny ideas for it.

Originally I wanted to do this comic in MM7 style becuase there are more poses available for the characters in that style, as well as more characters in general. However, I only have one sprite each of both stars in that style and no matter what I tried I couldn't find sheets of those sprites, and I managed to allevate my background problems more or less with VGmaps.com (although I won't be able to do the boss rooms due to the guy who made the maps putting the boss sprites there, rather unnecessarily I say), so I decided to do it in MM8 style. Sadly, that seems to be the only original trait in this comic. Also, don't expect any interesting mouths or edited poses here; Sonic sprites and these sprites may have the same bittage, but by no means are they the same.