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@Heitomos (Guest):
actually counting all the missing messages and reply´s that have been erased from time...the count would be around 10000 comments...more or less...4000 has been done atleast 2 times now...
March 29th, 2018
I think I found a lead.

This website lists the same email as the one RyanMC uses. Specifically, it lists his email under the "Technical Contact" section of the website.

If anyone wants to try and get in contact with him this way, be my guest.
? (Guest)
February 11th, 2018
Megaman reboot?
3895- This page takes forever to load.
So.., anyone remember that Mega Man reboot that was supposed to happen? The cartoon that was made by Man of Action?
Slowly, but surely, the 4000 comment goal is in sight.
Blue's pretty asshat in the game, declaring that he'll tell his sister not to help you. He was a little better in the gba remakes though.
The three laws of robotic have nothing to do with Megaman anyway. They are from Isaac Asimov's novels. Admittedly I could see Dr. Light programming Megaman with something similar. Not wily though...
a New year...
and still no update
I sometimes wonder how this comic would branch out knowing what many canons and characters there were to choose from both Sonic and Megaman.
Wait, should have looked before scrolling to the thread’s bottom.
This was a fun read for me again.
Oh, right, now I remember what I wanted to comment. We have a Megaman 11 now!
We’re still commenting?
Did anyone ever send that email to Ryan?
Just finished...
For the first time, I knuckled down and actually read the whole comic from start to finish.

It's awesome, even though it's unlikely I hope this someday gets picked up, or even just an outline of what would have happened.

We can hope. :)
eggs aren't vegetarian it's embryo meat, but perhaps he sells milk based products
when did he reprogram her?
miss the dress the first time
September 10th, 2017
why the F*** did vanilla Married the man the F***ing killed her mother?!!!!!!
what woman will go back to a man who tried to feed her her mother? plus rabbits don't even eat meat
she don't take her suit off because it's funner that way
What is a micro fusion fuel tank?
September 9th, 2017
I knew when you said don't spoil it