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Predicted it.
You seriously predicted a Sonic Boom episode..... except Cubot escapes instead of revolting.
@Thanatos-Zero: welp atleast RyanMC on smackjeeves has died...the owner of the account may be alive or not who knows?...
I still ponder to this day.
Has he died or did he just move on?
Battle Royale Turn #2
Nullified death...

/remember we got 10 hit only attacked did 1 point...9 hp remaining/

*Defends* /next attack can do 3 point damage/
Battle Royale Turn #1
I shot posthuman to death for (a) trying to make this comic a battle royale game and (b) misspelling royale.

PostHuman is dead, Battle Royale Fighter #1 WINS!
lets try a battle royal!

you can only do 1 action per turn!

attack, defend, flee, scavenge, recover!

if you attack you receive more damage but can hurt the other players but you gotta declare who and you only do 1 out of 10 hp damage can be used every turn if you want,

if you defend you receive no damage but next attack you do does three times the damage and can only be used it every 3 turns,

if you flee you can get hurt but get the chance to be protected from the last attacker for 3 turns and can´t attack your last attacker,

if you scavenge you can get medkits and ammo for the attacks, you can carry only 2 medkits and 10 ammo,

if you recover you use 1 medkit and have shield from attack for 1 turn but you cant attack for 2 turns,

lets make this flashy and fun for everyone! :)
Someone found a domain above, and it turns out his photo is on the about page -

However, after checking the meta-data, the image was made in 2009
I just read the entire comic in 2 days
Even though it has been 8 years, I really hope the author comes back, this is awesome!
i missed the new year!!! FUCK

happy 2019, TES fans! how many of you have gotten jobs in the time since your last comment???? i finally get work in animation! its great!!!!!! i really dont care about sprite comics anymore but TES isnt just a comic its a COMMUNITY
I used to be a frequent commentor
The first couple months of waiting for Ryan was fun. We had silly imaginary wars involving CareBear Cannons. We Reminisced on our favorite comics. We were a strange yet fun, for an informal group that is. I remember we raced to get this Comic on top as the one with the most comments ever. It was sad coming back and realizing how many of us abandoned hope for this series. Myself included. I remember being in High School reading this. Before smartphones blew up, I had to read this in the school's computer lab and struggled not to laugh during class. I commenting with you idiots. We had fun didn't we.
January 24th, 2019
Another comment would be nice?
So it’s been 8 years ago now. Man, I just wonder, does anyone know what happened back then? Like what happened to Ryan? Does it have something to do with paralysis?
I just wonder if we could do something to settle this. I mean, wow. ._.
I’m just very surprised by his hard work and how well he had put things together. It’s been such a long time ago and also a long time since it was running. He has certainly done a really good job.
With all of this starting off on 2004 and stopping on 2011 without completion, this was a crazy ride a long time ago. And I was 4 years old at that time when it started. O_O
Kinda have a feeling this comic didn’t need to be that long.
January 10th, 2019
That many comments...
What is this?

A very long comic featuring a crossover between Sonic and MegaMan that got started when I was 4 years old?? And it suddenly got stopped and discontinued when it is almost at 2000 pages?! Have to admit, this was a pretty big disappointment and it has been a really long time. So much hoping at it has been just about 8 years ago. Dang. ‘-_-
Reading it would be tiring though. And wow, so much people just hoping. I mean, the creator really shouldn’t have given up on this because it has been 6 and a half years since he was working on this. Like, why did he have to throw it all off? He hasn’t been here since 2011, so what are we going to do? Should we do something? Either way, this was an incredible shame that this was stopped.

Kinda have a feeling it didn’t need to be that long, to be really honest. I mean, whatever floats his boat.
finally this has finally took 7 years for people to forget this comic...7 long years...i miss two evil scientist...
wow, still here...
Every once in awhile, I stumble back on this and think on the fond memories I have of reading this comic. I wonder if the author ever thinks back on it. Clearly never stops in, but it would be really great to get some closure on this one day.
Holy cow, people still comment on this? It's been almost a whole decade since we heard from the comic's creator.
Yeah, the reboot thing finally happened! It's like... Megaman Charged Up or something. It looks terrible.
@Heitomos (Guest):
actually counting all the missing messages and reply´s that have been erased from time...the count would be around 10000 comments...more or less...4000 has been done atleast 2 times now...
March 29th, 2018
I think I found a lead.

This website lists the same email as the one RyanMC uses. Specifically, it lists his email under the "Technical Contact" section of the website.

If anyone wants to try and get in contact with him this way, be my guest.
? (Guest)
February 11th, 2018
Megaman reboot?