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How nostalgic...
I wonder if RyanMC fell victim to an accident or just couldn't bear it anymore.

Thank you Ryan for all of your work.
without looking at the comments tails and the robot dog merge
I thought she couldn't harm humans. That means Charzards are OK to kill.
this base will self destruct, or not
second time this happened
how did rouge do it then, in a sexy way?
Wow, still here...
I always wonder if the author thinks back on this comic. I remember it fondly (though I'd have to reread the whole thing if it ever continued).
With this much time passed, I think it's clear it won't ever come back. It's a real shame.
I just remembered this exists and am showing my sister this hilariously long running comment thread. I was honored to be a part of it at some point, and I wish any and all who keep coming back god speed and good tidings.
Honestly, I ain't about to do it.
My phone doesn't have texting anyway.

But if some braver soul than I messages me for the info I'll send them what I think is his number. I don't feel too bad giving it out cuz it wasn't that hard to find, but I'm not about to post it somewhere for all eyes to see.
April 18th, 2017
@HyperTurtle oh holy fuck thats a really great lead

yeah calling him might be a little weird, but maybe leaving a text to that number wouldn't be as intrusive? thats all up to you
Not sure how committed you are to finding him, but by searching up his email I might have found his phone number and where he lives.

It might be outdated though.

It might be kinda weird to call someone about a webcomic that died 6 years ago but figured I'd let you know anyway.
@rjmckinnon on twitter confirmed to NOT be our ryan

the search continues...
holy shit theres a guy on twitter with the name from his email address

might not be him, but... cant hurt to ask
okay ive looked through the thread and people have apparently tried

might give it a go myself, or try and find him on another site
waaait a second his email is literally on his profile

well its been like six years has anybody just tried emailing him yet
jesus fuck we need to track down ryan its 2017 we need closure on this goddamn thread
February 15th, 2017
I'm afraid he's dead, Jim.
Time Flies, 3875
Wow, time sure flies, huh? This is still one of my favorite comics to date...
Just needed a post for the new year. Think I might re-read this again.
One of my favorites
I miss this series
And once again, I exist
I still find it funny that I randomly come here. It's a little sad in a way to realize that this is a place I used to visit every day. And now I barely visit once a year.
I miss my careBear launcher