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The Drunken Jellicle Gang

by Crispy-gypsy
The Jellicle Gang and the Hidden Paw. A city lost in a long-standing feud. Quaxo is an ex-Paw rum-runner on a quest for repentance. Saved from death by the Jellicle leader, he is back in the fight, but on a different side. This is his story.

Characters by TS Elliot
Inspired by Tracy Butler
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9 Years Ago
The Jellicle Gang and the Hidden Paw. A city lost in a long-standing feud. Quaxo is an ex-Paw rum-runner on a quest for repentance. Saved from death by the Jellicle leader, he is back in the fight, but on a different side. This is his story.

Characters by TS Elliot
Inspired by Tracy Butler

Recent Comments

2016 and still loving
Your work is beautiful, the style of it is so quirky, and the stories you manage to tell in mere seconds is awe-inspiring. It's a shame its been so many years since you drew these comics, I got really excited when I found them in 2016! Hope one day you decide to come back and that time allows you to come back. Then again, even if you don't your DeviantArt account is hilarious and we're thankful for the content that you've already produced. It is hysterical, it is fun to read and it brings joy to people who've come across it. Be proud of yourself and your art, because this is seriously the best.
I think
That this story is discontinued. It's a shame, since it looked to be such a good one.
I love this
I really love this... I first saw this when I was searching in Deviantart and I absolutely fell in love with this one. Although you didn't post much I have a feeling that this is going to be just wonderful when it's complete! And while continued, of course.

You may call me rude for saying this, but I noticed that you weren't posting for about three years, now... I don't know what's happened to you or this marvelous comic but I just want to say I'd just love to see this being continued and being complete! It's too good to be wasted... and You already know it!
And... just if you're not planning to see the end of this fanfic then would you please let me know how this story was going to be and how was going to end. I love to see the endings of great stories, just like this!

So if you have enough time and interest to reply this message, then please send me a reply.

Have a nice day and until then, I'll be waitig for your updates! I love this! :)
February 20th, 2013
This is awesome!!!! I found you on Devinart
I hope it continues.... :)
I'm loyally watching this webcomic, and I'm always so happy when you update! You always have such great artwork, and this literally combines my favorite time period with my favorite musical, so I hope you can update more soon! :)
Is this a dead comic or are you planning to update soon?
@Crispy-gypsy: I've just discovered this, and was wondering if you were going to continue with it, or if you've decided to stop all together? I love it btw, and would love to see more of it (: you're very talented!
I really love this comic! its totally awesome and i really wish you would still add onto it!! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!! you draw really well! i wish i could draw as well as you.... anyway your awesome and so it your comic! CONTINUE UPDATING!!
Thankyouthankyouthankyou for updating! I love your comics SO much. It is totally awesome!
Awesomest comic EVER!
Like the title states, I like this a lot. Also a big fan of your gallery on Deviantart. I know this hasn't been updated in almost a year, but I really hope to see it back to life soon.
I'm repeating myself, but I agree with you entirely. I can't wait for the update!
This is awesome!!! I can't wait to read what happens next! :D Please update it soon!!! <3
I LOVE Drunken Jellicle Gang
Hey I saw your update about the comic tournament. Just wanted to let you know that someone is still reading it and waiting eagerly for the next page. :) I can't wait to see what you do with the Cats. I have an OBSESSION with CATS The Musical, so this comic is something I go nuts for. Its the closest thing to what I was thinking Disney should do. I was thinking that they should make some awesome animated movie out of CATS The Musical... I trust they'd do good since they seem to be redeeming themselves after the Hannah Montana and High School Musical years... (I watched Aristocats the other day because I feel so "starved" of an animated CATS The Musical... Its also one of the next best things. But I like this comic a bit more! :3 ) And good luck in the tournament!
I love that you've finally updated, even if it is short. I've been looking up this site waiting for an update every several weeks since you posted page 6. I can't wiat 'til the next one!
Oh, PLEASE tell me that chick is who I think it is!
Gah. Mungojerrie's face in the third to last panel. *pounds fist on heart* Gets me right here.
Absolutley astonishing *_*
I love love love love your work! No matter how long it takes to update, ti's worth waiting =D
Now for this page: lol, poor Teazer. I really wonder why Munk stopped them...
I can't recall ever telling you this before, because the first time I found this comic it was already dead.

So, just so you know: I love you.
These are two of my favorite things ever,
Combined and made ridiculously badass.
Thank you, kind sir.
Ahh, it all makes sense now!
Yeah, probably, except I don't really care O: Add onto the fact that both instances of "partner" are followed by a word that starts with a vowel, so in all honesty, the R WOULD be pronounced when she's speaking according to the accent. Think of it as a sort of English Liaison.

The other r sound in partner, however, would've just been pushing it to put down :\ Don't push the accent too far--otherwise their entire speech pattern as written in the comic would've been peppered with a written accent and would've been fuckin obnoxious to read anyway.