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Accepting Author Applications

Looking for two authors (for a total author count of four). Must have experience in working with Kirby Super Star Ultra sprites and/or Kirby sprites in general. Comics you've already made must not look like total crud and at least attempt to make an effort towards proper spelling and grammar.

Each author besides celtic guardian is allowed to contribute one contestant to participate in the tournament, although up to around three characters can be added.

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The remade version of "Kirby Battle Arena," the webcomic that you probably haven't heard about before. Which makes sense, since it was deleted.

King Dedede is hosting a massive fighting tournament in his castle, and all comers are welcome! Kirby, Meta Knight, and many others (including a few which we were pretty sure we completely obliterated) are joining in so they may win the greatest glory in the land! However, the tournament is being set up by some shadowy figures behind the scenes, and a dark cloud is quickly gathering.

Sprites are in the style of Kirby Super Star Ultra. Following the transfer in management, some of the old owner's pages may be remade. Whether or not I will be accepting co-authors as Celtic did remains to be seen.

Recent Comments

Could of used a Sonic sprite, you know.
he eats him
love it
Select Few
For the record, I accept Celtic's offer to take over the comic and I'm still waiting for the sprites and his notes.
Blerg, been gone to long. SC, im considering closing this. Its not doing good and i've kinda lost hope in it. If you want, you could take over entirely. PM me about this, k?
Among Mad People
Celtic was taking too long, so I'm doing something. I have little patience for people who recklessly leave me waiting.

SC always did think differently than everyone else. Wonder what this means...? ...Though I am slightly offended he immediately assumes our laziness. Or at least my laziness.

I knew I said Coaltrain wasn't going to be a competitor, but I've changed my mind.
I'll try to. And i'll PC Kingkirbyby too.
You Can Just FEEL the Epic
If it hasn't been established that Coaltrain isn't participating by now... Well, he's not. I want that clear.

EDIT: rereading the entire comic, I realize the Waddle Dees were only supposed to confront SC and whoever the new author is supposed to be that hasn't done a thing yet. But the callback to the beginning of the chapter was much more fun. I would like to remind the other authors to please use the Resources page I set up for posting new sprites and backgrounds, including this Referdee.
January 5th, 2010
I wonder what Dedede's watching.
November 17th, 2009
Back up one for latest comic.
From the Distance
This was the closet background I could get to Castle Dedede without actually going in it.

As a rule, I'm keeping the name of "it" secret until the time comes for to reveal it. Until then, Coaltrain and SC will be keeping it on the downlow.

As for SC's first comment... yeah, I haven't written far enough into the Kirby story of the Game Over to warrent posting it anywhere yet, so all you need to know is that SC has tried to seize Dreamland in the past. However, he did it as a fox, so no one is going to recognize his Batamon form.

EDIT: With any luck, later comics will be smaller. That, or the format won't have the floating navbar in the way of the comic. We'll just have to see.
November 17th, 2009
I might need to put my next comic before this one.
celtic guardian
November 16th, 2009
Yeah this is just to help Kingkirbyby and SC become a part of the comic
Well i agree with this. Good job SC
New comic! ...Further back.
From an Old Friend
Yeah, I KNOW it's November, but since we're going with one of my plot ideas at least partway (which we were gonna use for MK I) I felt it necessary for it that this little intro sequence be in the prologue.

Also, SC will be taking his Kirby form for this comic, although I'm considering upping my previous Advance-style sprites up to Ultra-style to match the rest of the comic. Depends on how easy they are to recolor.

I don't intend to keep this panel style; I did it this way for dramatic effect. It'll be back to normal next comic I make.
Well after a long hiatus i am back. More updates coming soon i promise.
The tip is never ask kirby to pay up.
No i didnt
ill send an invite after comic 5
Hey man. Did you forget about me or something? Care to let me back in?