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Dead Fish

by mintyfreshmangos
So I got a message from humanity:
They want you dead.

Don't take this offensively or anything.

You are simply worth more to us when you are not breathing.
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10 Years Ago
So I got a message from humanity:
They want you dead.

Don't take this offensively or anything.

You are simply worth more to us when you are not breathing.

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Fang Shinobi
November 9th, 2010
I guess this is the first time I've ever commented this for a comic: The NEXT button is broken. I like clicked it thrice before I convinced myself there were no pages. Oh well. Keep it up (^,^)
Fang Shinobi
November 9th, 2010
Love the colors! Like, wow.
Their dialogue is absolutely hilarious!
Ooooh how dramatic :D
I just realized that my file names for all the .psd in my comic folder are COMPLETELY off. D: I must change them allll!

Also I upgraded to Opera 10! YAY.

...School is starting soon. Next week actually. Nuuu! D:

Very simple page today! *draws moorree*
I'm pretty sure I won't have a comic up this week so I have this picture instead. :D

He's Alex. He's one of the main characters of the comic so you will see him later on.
I liked this picture at first but now I don't know how I feel about it. D: I had no clue how the background was going to look like when I started so the lighting got strange and confusing. Boo.
I only like bits and pieces of it. Maybe I'll make it into the next banner. XD *is a banner addict*

...I'm so tired I don't even know what to say.

*stares blankly at ceiling for a while*

...Oh well, there is always the edit button.

Now I sleep. Good night. *dies on bed*
Hello, Linden, my sole commenter! :D
*nibbles on you!*


...I don't have much to say about this...which is rather rare. D:
Rawr. I lost track of time again. ;_;

I have been working on and off for a the past week. I finally finished it in the past two days.

It felt like it took two weeks though. D:
I was about to add birds but then I was like "No. -_-" I'm sure it will add a few more days to this pic. XD

Bastion looks pretty happy where he is. But who do you think had to haul the throne up 10 flights of stairs?

Semi, Nic and Alex: -_- one has any idea what I'm talking about but me. :D
I was actually planning to do something else completely but things came up:

1. My pens ran out of ink. D:
2. I'm too broke to afford new ones.
3. I don't have enough desk space to use my nib pens.
4. My scanner still sucks.

So from now on, I guess I'm going back to doing things all digital. ;_;
I was planning to make the prologue a lot longer, but if I have to draw Than or Ardenel again, I will stab some one.

So I think I have to forgo it and put up a text page...or something?

Everyone just loves Bastion. :D
I'm shaking off my cold and I feel a lot better nows! :D Yays! I also discovered that I have very VERY weird dreams when I'm sick. O_o

I am also a bit tired of drawing Than and Ardenel. D: Come on other characters. XD

*waves at the 44 fans* Hiis! XD
Thanks you guys. < 3 *loves*

I admit I don't take care of myself very well, so getting sick due to self neglect is pretty common for me. D:

Drawing always makes things better though... < 3

I'm wondering if everyone sees what I see....It seems imageshack is giving me the middle finger and refusing to work. Yay. More problems.
Get well! Focus on getting better before anything ^^
Sorry for the lack of updates, I'm currently rather sick. D:

I have been sick for around a week and it totally threw off my drawing schedule. Yesterday, I had a terrible cough going on but I been feeling a bit better today, but I completely lost my voice. D: Ahhh...I love you too universe.

But anyways, I'm working on the line art right now for the next page. So yeah, I'm going to down some more cough meds and get to work!

I will slowly take over the internet, one fan at a time! MHAHAHA!

Ok, so maybe not the internet. Maybe a small section of it.

Thank you, Linden! :D *gives you cookies*
More than a bit late. D:

I got side tracked by art requests. XD I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing. Maybe I should make a character page nows...or an art page?

Must...get...back...on track!

*starts on the next page!*


36 fans?! Where in the world did you guys come from? XD Last time I checked I had 29!

Thanks for the fav! < 33 I hope you stick with me, even though I'm horriblly slow!
Digging the background and the (may I not be corrected) almost seductive look of the Lord. *favoriting this moment*
I'm in love with Ardenel.
Ghaa....I don't like this page. D:

*waves to the 25 fans!* Yay! Thank you for watching me stumble over things! XD *gives you all cookies*

Huhuhu. Looking forward to see glowy boy soon. :D