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@Almightyra: Its a silly comic, don't take it too seriously. XD
October 9th, 2012
umm the tendon of the ankle is a serious place. and the calf has many veins
crazy lady
I love your style of drawing, it's hilarious in a good way! haha draw more Lucas/Barry!
July 15th, 2012
So close...
Aaron/Roark is a favorite pairing of mine, but impossible to find anywhere. (But I love Aaron, so almost any time he pairing he's in is okay.)
Sorry for the lack of updates. D= Been busy with... many things. XD
I'll try to update the rest of this, but it'll take time to get everything screentoned, and I still have more pages to draw up. XD But at least I got 6 ready and waiting for this Shinji x Shigeru part. =3
YES, Finally someone made Kouki/Jun and Hayato/Tsukushi! :D I hope you'll continue on the next one soon. ^_^
September 11th, 2011
>.< awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
August 12th, 2011
I seriously need to make another one of these... Except longer then two pages. XD
Thanks So Much~
@KeitaUshio I'm glad my art is very recognizable~ It always makes me rather happy when someone can tell what is made by me and not someone else. X3

And as for being a bigger website.... Well, I suppose, yes. It actually started just for fun with the Harvest Moon BoY&Y, and we decided to branch out into more.... lesser known... fandoms to help with what the minority fans would enjoy. Though, Pokemon isn't really minority, the pairings we'll provide are. =D
@zen129, Really its just an inside joke on character design.

For one, Silver's original design from the first Gold/Silver games was used when they made Shinji(Paul) for the Diamond/Pearl anime series. The new, updated Silver has a hair style that is more closer to Shigeru's, but still smooth and shiny like Shinji's.
...... -_- ......... *crickets*
I don't see it. -_-
I'm very sorry for not updating anything in so long. I actually have TWO stories started, one that is 3 pages long--at the moment--and the other 6 pages going on 7.... The longest of the two, I'm sad to say, kind of bothered me a bit and that's the main reason its taken so long to update anything.

Either way, I'm gonna finish the little troublemaker one way or another! So, expect more updates. =3
'You and your bad self'
He's so cute :'D
Oh dear Barry I love you XD
Omg lol that's hilarious! And you did a good job on this it looks awesome. :D
Musashi = Jessie
Koujiro = James
That's their Japanese names, which I actually prefer, 'specially how it keeps away the 'Jimmy-boy' name which I detest. DX