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Author Showcase

by InTheNightlight
We take requests, though they may take a while.

Authors: 1/50*not including InTheNightlight*
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9 Years Ago

Author Showcase

We take requests, though they may take a while.

Authors: 1/50*not including InTheNightlight*

Recent Comments

...What? Do you mean Ray the Squirrel?

Technically, no. Ray only appeared in one game, so not much is known about him. In the Archie comics, however, he's Mighty's best friend. Ray is to Mighty like Tails is to Sonic.

And this character was just a sprite I was using back when I was a newb.
June 19th, 2010
His sprite is a Sonic Sprite, the the original character was.. Randy the Squirrel? I knew it was a squirrel, Sonic, Mighty and Randy usually hung around alot before Knux and Tails.
Ugh, Shadow the Hedgehog 2?

That's like putting sprinkles on crap, and then you take a huge bite out of it, that's when you realise that it's still just crap.

*Is very happy this is fake*
Yeah, from what I've seen, the green one gives him an "Automatic" Homing ability which shoots off enemies kinda like his Ring Dash in Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle) and Sonic Adventure DX
In celebration of Sonic 4 and Sonic Colors, I made some sprites based off of the Wisps and abilities from Sonic Colors. Granted, it's not finished yet, due to the game not being fully released, but I'll keep adding on as more news about Colors is announced.
Give credit or DIE...
@lugzburg:well that kind of the point YOU dont have to use the guns in the game thats why it's stupid sonic never needed a weapon when they finnaly gave him one in sonic and the dark night AT LEAST IT WAS A NECESSITY to use it in shadows game YOU DONT FUCKING HAVE TO SO WHATS THE DAMN POINT!!!!!!!!

also lugs voice acting stunk,poor controls,alot of glitches! It froze for me several damn times! including cutscenes,multiple endings sure this is nice if you care about the story but if their not real why put them there ;-;,and yeah thats all I want to say..
Yeah, well I think it's the poor controls, voices, etc. I'm not saying it's the worst, but it could have been better.
Well, there's Record in the Making, Shadow the Wierdo, a whole bunch of places.
August 15th, 2009
Love 'em Polly! Just try to do the hair a little differently. It's a tad flat.
Sonic Next-Gen!? AAAAAUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!! Please remove those memories! Or just it's existence!
This would be AWESOME!!! Other than Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow the Hedgehog is my most favorite Sonic game!

And I don't get why so many people hate it. I mean, is it the guns? Nope. Any idiot knows you can get through the entire game without the use of a single gun EVER. You don't HAVE to use them, if you don't want to. So, that's out.
He's a squirrel, right?
August 15th, 2009
Ok, I know I've seen this character before. Especially in the pose found in the credit tag! But where!?
Wow. Neat!
Nightlight's new poses